Father’s Day

Father and son tieI had a hard time deciding what to post for Father’s Day! I had some things I’d posted in past years that I really liked, and I know I have readers now that I didn’t have then, but there were so many I couldn’t decide which to post. So…I am going to post a new one from my files and put links back to some of the old ones if anyone has the time or interest to look back at them. Of course, I won’t be offended if you don’t — they’re just there for you to enjoy if you like.

Our thanks, O God, for fathers who follow in Your way,
And who, with glad and trusting hearts, exalt You ev’ry day.

Our thanks, O God, for fathers who show, by word and deed,
Commitment to Your will and plan, and Your commandments heed.

Our thanks, O God, for fathers who meet You oft in prayer,
And who, for all life’s toil and care, find strength and wisdom there.

How blessed are the children who in their fathers see
The tender Father-love of God, and find their way to Thee.

Author unknown


I’m wishing a Happy Father’s Day to my husband and step-father and thinking of my father, who passed on a few years ago. Happy Father’s Day to any dads reading as well!

Honoring the fathers in my life

Dad’s Famous Sayings

Favorite Father’s Day poems here and here

Jokes for Father’s Day

Favorite quotes about fathers

Fathers and sons, good and bad

Paul Harvey on Fathers

A couple of memes about dads

And, finally, I didn’t post this one, but I think I received it in an e-mail a while back, and Rob at ivman posted a job decription for dads that is both funny and poignant.


5 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. You are so creative and just such a wonderful person. This is a great Father’s Day post. And your archives were great. I loved the Quote one the best. The job description one is funny indeed. Mahalo for sharing this…I wish all the dad’s out there a very happy father’s day Aloha my friend 🙂

  2. Shoot! I didn’t even get around to visiting a lot yesterday! Much too busy! This is very sweet… I like it a lot… I also like that silhouette.

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