An altar waiting

IF we with earnest effort could succeed
To make our life one long connected prayer,
As lives of some perhaps have been and are,
If never leaving Thee, we had no need
Our wandering spirits back again to lead
Into thy presence, but continued there,
Like angels standing on the highest stair
Of the sapphire throne, this were to pray indeed.

But if distractions manifold prevail,
And if in this we must confess we fail,
Grant us to keep at least a prompt desire,
Continual readiness for prayer and praise,
An altar heaped and waiting to take fire
With the least spark, and leap into a blaze.

~ Richard Chenevix Trench

3 thoughts on “An altar waiting

  1. You know, when I manage this, my energy level never flags. Since I have moved to Hawaii, I haven’t managed to connect in worship and maintain that connection. I miss that art of my old life and don’t quite know how to reclaim it inside this new structure.

    • I think that might be a guy thing, Thom. 🙂 Though many poets are men, it seems men in general have a harder time with it.

      I think this is basically saying, “I would love to be in constant communion with God, but there are so many distractions and I fail. But I hope at least I am always ready for prayer and praise — like an altar ready for the flame.”

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