It’s beginning to sink in…

When Jason and his fiancee first starting talking about marriage, they were planning to go to CA — aaaaallllll the way across the country from SC — to work in the camp where Jason has worked for 5 or 6 summers. But that camp closed down. So they decided to live nearby in the meantime, work on paying off school debts, and pray about where to go. I want them to be wherever the Lord wants them, of course, but I am delighted to have them nearby for a while. I attributed the fact that I hadn’t had any mushily sentimental moments to the fact that I wasn’t reallyΒ  “losing” a son since he was only going to be ten minutes away. I also joked with some of you that my inheriting Jason’s room for a longed-for sewing/craft/guest room is softening the loss a bit.

Jason found a little house to rent and, since it has no current occupants, the landlord went ahead and gave him the keys. Jason wanted to go ahead and start packing up some of his things to take to the house so there wouldn’t be quite so much to do after the wedding. When I peeked in and saw all those boxes…that’s when it began to really sink in that he was actually moving out.

Jason’s been my rover — away almost every summer for years, on two international mission trips, and even though he lived at home during college, he was often gone from 7 a.m. til 10 or 11 p.m. So you’d think we’d be “used to” his being gone. I don’t know that we ever got completely used to it, but, even still, his room was always there waiting for him to come back. And the sight of all those boxes being packed up suddenly confronted me with the reality that he is actually moving away from home. Not far — but, still, it’s the end of an era.

When I commented on that fact and got all teary, my husband, Jim, teasing, said, “No, no — think sewing room! Sewing room!

And later I smiled to see that Jason had made this sign and put it on his door:


The moment passed. Jason took us over to his new house and showed us around. His happiness and excitement are infectious. It’s just really cute to see (forgive me for putting it that way, Jason. πŸ™‚ ) We are happy and excited for them and love our future daughter-in-law. But I am sure there will be a few more of those poignant, teary moments in the next few weeks.

13 thoughts on “It’s beginning to sink in…

  1. So far I’ve only been in Jason’s position. I’m only in the beginning stages of where you are at — as a mother of little ones.

    Laughing at your husband’s remarks to have you focus on the sewing room. πŸ˜‰

    Seasons of change. Bittersweet in so many ways. I think it’s beautiful to hear you express how you feel about it. Thanks for sharing. I’m listening and learning!

  2. My daughter is graduating next year and moved back with her father (in the city) after school let out. Because it is going to be a busy year for her and with needing to get a job and then university or whatever, she won’t be back for long periods of time like before. So this time she packed up her room and took it all with her – for the first time in 16 years she doesn’t have a room with me. I had to laugh because I too have a sewing room now, but I’ve had more than a couple sad moments.

  3. Awwwww! Hugs, dear friend! As my boys have begun to leave the nest, I have to remind myself that this was part of what we were working towards all of these years – sending them off to live successfully on their own. It is not easy. 😦 You can be thankful and encouraged that he is leaving with a very good relationship with you and Jim. Not all parents have that blessing. The tears will continue to fall, but many of them will be tears of pride. Hugs again!

  4. Love and laughter will get you through — and, no matter where else he calls home, Jason will always live in your heart so he’ll never be far away.

  5. Mother’s…ya gotta love ’em. Mine, as you might know, is my best friend. And ya know what? I still have my room at her house. No go sew and enjoy πŸ™‚ We never leave πŸ™‚

  6. How fun for him! I remember my first place and how exciting it was.
    Of course I never looked at it from the mother’s perspective at that time. I just wanted to go off and spread my wings. You seem like you have a really great attitude about it. HUGS to you!
    Enjoy your new room, even if it is a little bittersweet.

  7. It will take some time because he isn’t just moving out, he’ll have his own family and will be cutting his ties somewhat.
    I think changing his room will be a good thing and help you to transition so you should start planning and get started right away.
    You said it would be a guest room, too, what size bed?
    I have bought those metal shelves that are very easy to put together, no hardward. I use photo boxes and some magazine dividers to separate things. I bought folding tables(the long kind) to use for cutting table and sewing table. I haven’t done anything about the walls yet but plan to put up display shelves over the cutting table and maybe pictures over the scrapping table. As soon as I get it all done, I’ll show more pictures.
    Can’t wait to see what you plan with yours.
    Mama Bear

  8. Yup! I bet there will! But it is also fun to watch them spread their wings and fly SUCCESSFULLY! And it’s rewarding too! To know you’ve raised him to be responsible and able to go into the world and NOT ONLY take care of himself and a wife – but also to help others! WOW! It’s an amazing kind of feel good!

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