My third blogiversary!

1093393_birthday_cakeThree years ago today I started this blog inauspiciously with this post.

A while back Thom had a quiz about types of bloggers. I found I had more than one answer to the questions: if I answered them one way I came up as a “pundit” blogger who likes to post things to think about; answering another way, I got “life blogger” — someone posts about family and everyday life. I don’t know if there was a “community blogger” category, but I like that side of blogging, too — keeping up with folks I’ve come to know, having fun with memes and quizzes and things like that. I’ve always described my blog as a hodgepodge.

A while back on a meme about blogging, in answer to the question about goals I wrote:

I want first of all to be used of the Lord. I want to share His truth and encourage people to read and heed His Word and get to know Him better. I want to be an encouragement to other women. I want to be able to be a help and testimony to people with transverse myelitis and other trials. I want to improve my writing by writing. I want to have fun. I think I have accomplished a little in all those areas and hope to continue to.

I share the same struggles as other bloggers in trying to keep in balance and perspective the time blogging takes. I struggle with my blogging “voice” sometimes.

But overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to continue!

Just for fun, though it may not interest anyone but me, I thought I’d post a few stats:

Posts: 1,573
Comments: 15,851
Spam comments: 55,782Β  πŸ™„
Some of the most viewed posts:

Christmas Devotional reading
Recipe for a happy marriage
Works-For-Me Wednesday: More chicken tenderloin recipes
When there is no hunger for God’s Word
Thursday Thirteen: Favorite Q&A joke
I Corinthians 13 applied to Christmas
Encouragement for mothers of young children

I really, really appreciate those of you who come by to read and especially to comment. So to say thank you, I am having a little giveaway. On Saturday I’ll choose from one of the comments left on this post and send the winner a copy of one of my favorite books, By Searching by Isobel Kuhn, and one of my favorite CDs, Hear My Prayer, a recording of hymns played on the guitar by Mathew Burtner. I’m willing to ship internationally. If you’re not interested in the giveaway, just mention that, but I do hope you’ll leave a comment letting me know you’re “out there!”

(Photo is from the stock xchng.)

28 thoughts on “My third blogiversary!

  1. “I’m here”! You’re on my bloglines, can’t remember how I found you but enjoy your spiritual quandries/thinking/challenging/struggles-type posts the most. And your ladies events (we currently have almost none at our church) but I’m terrible at decorating so having a “reference” is always nice. And I love hearts too! πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations, Barbara! I certainly have enjoyed reading your “stray thoughts” these past three years. It has helped me to get to know you and your family better. I think you have a well-rounded blog: serious, inspirational, humorous, helpful, encouraging, informative, etc. Keep on blogging! πŸ™‚

  3. CONGRATULATIONS my friend. Job well done and I’m so glad I found your blog. I enjoy reading it a great deal. There might be some things I don’t understand, as you are well aware of…remember the cookie thing LOL. Anyhow…I truly enjoy this and am so glad and thankful to be able to call you my friend. Aloha πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!! I appreciate your wisdom–you’re one of my Titus 2 friends:).
    When you leave a comment at my blog you often provoke me to think and I appreciate that greatly.

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Happy Blogiversary!!
    I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my studio.
    I’m happy to hear that you’re getting your own studio, and know that you will have fun setting it up.
    Hugs, Debi

  6. Happy Blogiversary, Barbara! I’m not sure how we found eachother but I think it might have been through a 5-minutes for Mom blog party thing. However it was, blogs have come and blogs have gone but I’m glad that we’ve become friends through our blogs! I love your blog and you! ((HUGS)) Oh, and put my name in the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  7. Happy Anniversary (and here’s to many more)! It’s been fun getting to know you these past few months. And I would be very interested in the giveaway as well.

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  9. Happy blogiversary, Barbara! I’ve come to be one of your steady readers and really appreciate your perspective on things. Looking forward to wishing you a happy 4th b-versary!

  10. Congrats: !! I nearly fell off my chair when I read that you knew about Isobel Kuhn ! I have that book and Stones of Fire too!! I have read most of her books I think, and just love them.
    When she tells about the Lisu People who live between the two rivers that I can’t remember the name of it is so good! What a lady!!
    You have a great blog and dig deeper into things and it shows.
    I know my blog is fluffy but with Nancy to care for it about all I can do!!!
    Hugs, Grams

  11. Ohhhhhh… I’m sorry I got by so LATE today! Wow! I nearly missed it altogether! Well, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! You know… I much prefer blogs that don’t follow any particular format. I feel much friendlier with people who just speak what’s on their mind that day! I feel like I’m getting more of the “real friendship” … you know? If I ran into you on the street and said Hey! What’s up? This is what you’d tell me… I like that!

  12. Happy Blogiversary, Barbara! As I said on my blog today, you are one of the nicest people on the net. I am glad to have met you!

    I don’t comment on every one of your posts, but I read them all. You’ve given me much food for thought.

    Continue reaching out and up!

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  14. I found you (not by accident) because of your “Recipe for a happy marriage” blog. Having been a Christian for many years, that day I needed the oomph to fulfill God’s purpose in me for my husband. It helped and through your blog I find joy, and balance, and love of family, and sincerity, and humor, and delight. Good blogging. … and thanks!

  15. Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on all your posts. Balance is really the key. When I feel unbalanced, I pray a lot and somehow the balance feels like it comes back. THanks for a great blog.

  16. Barbara, your blog is one of only four blogs that I read on a daily basis! Although I’m not really into the “blog” games, I find your family and spiritual posts most interesting and edifying. Thank you!

  17. Congrats! 3 years is quite a long time to keep at blogging. I am happy to have discovered you through your “what’s on your nightstand” posts.

  18. Happy Blogiversary! I would like to visit more Christian blogs more often and your blog is one of them. I don’t comment often but would like to do that more too. Thank you for visiting my blog! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by!

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  20. Thanks, Barbara! I just bought a new set of head phones and am looking forward to that CD. The book will be coming at just the right time, too since I am soon to be jobless and have plenty of time on my hands!

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