Well, I never…!

I’m having a leisurely, decidedly non-laborious Labor Day so far, though I need to do laundry and some catching-up from last week’s busyness. The guys are all over at Jason and Mittu’s doing some yard work as they have some overgrown areas out behind them and they don’t have any of their own lawn equipment yet. I’m luxuriating in some rare quiet solitude at the moment, but we’ll all get together for dinner later.

I hope you have a pleasant Labor Day as well! It’s kind of sad in that it marks the end of summer. I love autumn but wasn’t quite ready to make the switch yet, but I am getting there.

Some meme or another asked the question recently, “What is something you’ve never done?” We would all probably have multiple answers to that question. I decided to list a few. I should probably let this post sit for a few days before publishing because I am sure I’ll think of more…but since I ain’t got nuthin’ else today, I’m gonna go with this idea!

Things I have never done and have no desire to do:

– had a pedicure or a manicure. The thought of someone messing with my feet is unnerving. And I don’t have full feeling in my feet, so some foot products I’ve seen advise caution anyway.
– been arrested.
– suffered a miscarriage.
– gotten drunk.
– bungee- jumped.
– sky-dived.
– committed a crime — except for one speeding ticket-  is that considered a crime?
– gone to car races. Why spend time watching people drive in circles? Or ovals? Horse races, either. Not my thing.

Things I have never done but could be talked into…maybe:

– traveled outside the country. My stomach gets all into knots at even the thought of traveling — I don’t know how I would get through travel that far away. But I can’t say I would never do it. Not likely, though.
– been on a cruise. I’m actually thinking about this one. It seems so many people I know have gone on cruises in the last few years.It sounds calm and peaceful. And I like the idea of traveling in a vessel with access to multiple bathrooms and more room than an airplane.
– taken a trip on a real train. This is something I’d like to try some time.
Things I said I would never do but did:

– teach a class.
– speak publicly.
– sing a solo.
– gone on a tour in an underground cavern.

How about you? What are some of your “nevers?”

8 thoughts on “Well, I never…!

  1. Happy Labor Day to you my friend. I would like to do all your things you could be talked into as well. Never done any of those. And thank goodness I’ve never been arrested or committed a crime either. I would like to bungee jump and sky dive as well 🙂 Aloha

  2. Ohhhh wow! I’ll have to give some thought to that! I do see this being a post in my near future. I know one thing… I LOVE a pedicure! Even MORE than a manicure! Krysti is like me in that — but I’ve tried to take Amanda with me before and she does NOT want ANYBODY touchin’ her toes! And not her fingers either! But there is not a “girly girl” bone in Amanda’s body – so these ideas do not surprise me! 🙂

    We did go to the horse races last year in Ocean City. It was fun – but not something I would really do again. Not unless it was like the Belmont or something… THAT might be fun!

    Yea… I’ll do this one day soon…

  3. Oh! I meant to tell you — those statues ARE life size. Martha Washington was only 4’11” … and George was 6’3″!!! Mutt & Jeff there… yes ma’am!

  4. My never list is exactly like yours even down to the speeding tickets! Funny.
    My daughter and I took one Amtrac train ride from Co to AZ. It wasn’t the most enjoyable for us. If you decide to do that take something for motion sickness. One interesting thing about it was when I flushed the commode it all just went out onto the tracks, YUK! Maybe they’ve changed that system because of environmental issues. Hope so. OKAY, you probably didn’t need to hear that, did you?!

  5. Hmmm, now you’ve got me thinking about my answers rather than pondering yours! LOL!

    I have committed a couple of crimes in my life. In grade school a friend talked me into stealing a yo-yo. I have never gotten over the shame even though I went back three days later and paid for it.

    When I was in college, I raided several neighborhood gardens for food. I would step into the garden at night and take just a few things. I raided about a dozen different gardens because I didn’t want to put stress on any one family, and I never took the best stuff. I know stealing is stealing but I didn’t feel as guilty taking zucchini and squash as I would have taking corn or melons.

    When my roommate’s uncle discovered we were eating whatever fish we could catch and stealing veggies, he filled our freezer with venison and brought us a huge truck full of produce and canning supplies. Had he not, we probably would have starved that winter!

  6. Good idea for a post! I’ll have to tuck it away for future reference.

    We took a train trip a few years ago for our anniversary, and I loved it. We got to our destination in about the same amount of time it would have taken in a car, but we were free to walk around, eat, use the restroom – all without having to stop and get out. I think you’d like it! You also get to see lots of things you don’t see from the interstate, like people’s back yards! LOL I thought it was fun to see kids outside playing in their yards and waving at the train.

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