Melli’s September Photo Scavenger Hunt


Melli dreamed up and planned out a Photo Scavenger Hunt. She told us about it a month ago…but somehow time got away from me and I have only been working on it the last few days. And this happens to be one of the busiest weeks in a long time for me with my monthly ladies’ booklet due plus five different medical appointments for three of us (nothing wrong — just catching up with check-ups, eye exams, etc.) . All of that to say…I didn’t find all the items on the list. 😳 I wish I had started earlier. I don’t know if you have to have them all to participate — but I don’t want to waste the photos I do have — so I’ll post what I’ve got and then get my 50 lashes… (Edited to add: I did find more than I thought I would…but that’s one reason this is being posted so late in the day. 🙂 )

1.) Something in flight


2.) A gas pump

Sorry, nothing for this one. I was trying to find a picture of a toy one the kids used to love to play with.

3.) Graffiti … or street art

Street art

4.) Soap or soapy

5.) An herb


6.) Something vinyl


7.) A bottle of perfume/cologne


Pretty uncreative here — Jim doesn’t care for perfumes or cologne and most of them give me a headache, so I just got a picture at a store. These caught my eye because I used to wear this in high school. I almost bought it just to see if it smelled like I remembered and wouldn’t bother me, but figured that would be a waste. I would have loved to have found one of those old-fashioned atomizer bottles.

8.) Snazzy Shoes


Another store photo — all of our shoes are pretty basic.

9.) A worm

Sorry, nothing for this either. The only ones I saw were dead and shriveled. I was going to go to the children’s or babies’ section on W-Mart to see if there were any toy ones, and I forgot.

10.) A city bus


11.) Something curly

Gold curliques

12.) A key


13.) Something cold

Jeremy on a snowy day

14.) Sports Memorabilia


From our school. NOT from me — I am totally unathletic!

15.) A feather/feathers


16.) Something twisted

Twisted donuts

17.) A hole

Donut holes

18.) A leprechaun


Sorry. Where else was I going to find a leprechaun this time of year? 😀

19.) Something lacy

Lace curtains

20.) Something nutty


21.) Sheet music


22.) A splash


23.) An apple/apples/apple something

Apple sculpture

24.) A shovel


25.) Something empty.

26.) A triangle

Triangle awning

27.) Something purple

Purple plant

28.) Juicy


29.) Noisy


30.) Something sad


Veteran salute at my father-in-law’s funeral. Sad, but poignant and honorable.

I did enjoy this challenge very much. Next time I will start earlier — I like thinking outside the box a little bit and taking time to find something interesting or unique. I was very pleased with a few of these. Some are new just today! Some are from years ago.

It may be later tonight or even the weekend before I am able to visit the other participants, but you can find links to them at Melli‘s.

18 thoughts on “Melli’s September Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Ohhhhhh sOMe of these are absolutely FABULOUS! I have to tell ya — I am CRAZY about your apples!!! That is, hands down, my favorite apple of the day!!! You should have seen me when I saw it! I was VERY excited! And your twisted and your holes got me too! YUM! I laughed at your empty…. and your KEY was very very clever thinking! I am well pleased with your efforts! Don’t feel bad about getting them up late… Quilly is still working on hers too – and several others are not up. I don’t know if they WILL be … or if they gave up.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I almost didn’t think I would have them all either. I worked hard yesterday and was out chasing city buses!
    You did great – the ball in flight and key are impressive thinking, I wore that perfume too for a little while back in the day.
    Love the twisted and I’d love to have one about now. 🙂
    Great leprechaun- I didn’t even think of that!
    Your apples are super as Melli said – awesome find!!

  3. OMG Barbara what a fantastic photo hunt. I love your sad and your twisted is just awesome. The key, cold and apples are just the best. I loved this. Excellent work my friend. I had a great time doing this. Rabbit, rabbit Aloha 🙂

  4. Wow, Barbara! I am impressed! You are such a devoted blogger and a good one!
    Of all of your pictures, my fave was the empty!! LOL Oh my word! How true and how funny!! I am the resident toilet-paper-filler-upper here at our house. *sigh* 🙂 No, really…I don’t mind!
    I might have to see about doing this one since I have a month to do it! 🙂

  5. I love your twists and the holes! You stole my leprechaun (but I have a great story to go with mine.) Those apples are way cool and your “empty” just left me feeling frustrated -LOL! Been there. Don’t want to do that again! Your key was way creative and I feel bad for the poor dog. Did you wash it just for the photo?

  6. These are great, as always. I love the doughnut twists, the leprechaun, the tp tube, and your versions of “wet” and “curly.”

    The last photo is sad indeed… As you say, sad, but honorable.

  7. Hi–what a job to compile all of these photos!!! It looks like you really had to think—esp on the leprechaun (hmm, is that spelled correctly??)–hey, you could have shown a pic of your hubby and called it a leprechaun ha/——I wouldn’t have anything close to snazzy shoes!!

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