A Thousand Words In Idioms: The Rainy Version


If “language is the dress of thoughts” ( Johnson), then idioms must the wardrobe.

Jientje at Heaven Is In Belgium hosts A  Thousand Words In Idioms on Wednesdays wherein she asks participants to illustrate an idiom or two with a photo. This is the next-to-last opportunity to participate as the challenge will end after next Wednesday.


Into each life some rain must fall.

This means that every life will have its bad days…or weeks, or seasons. But just as the rain serves its purpose in the earth, so do those less-than-bright days in our lives, if we’ll let them.

Folly Beach sunrise

Come rain or shine.

This means that plans will go on no matter what happens.

Stop by Jientje‘s for more idiom illiustrations.

9 thoughts on “A Thousand Words In Idioms: The Rainy Version

  1. That FIRST idiom doesn’t work for me! I LOOOOOOVE rain! And we are GETTING some … tonight! I’m going to sleep with the WINDOWS open so I can hear it — even though it’s only going to be 40 degrees out — maybe less!

    Great shots though! And idioms too… But for ME, the first one goes “into each life, you GET some rain!” LOL!

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