I think this is the most time I’ve spent away from my blog since starting it three years ago: with the exception of a quick (but meaningful!) post of a hymn on Sunday, I haven’t posted anything since Friday. It’s been a busy weekend — a busy couple of weeks, in fact. As we were leaving for school this morning, I asked Jesse if we were sure there was nothing extra on schedule for today!

The ladies of our church were invited to a ladies’ conference at another church about 45 minutes away this past weekend. We get a smattering of such invitations, usually in the spring, and, you know, can’t just go running off every weekend, but a few of us usually do try to make this one. They only have it once every three years, and it is sponsored by a church where several of us have friends: it was my pastor’s wife home church as she was growing up, and the pastor’s wife there is a friend from college. Mrs. Beneth Peters Jones was the speaker, and the theme was “Christ My Light.”

I have to say, to my shame, that the theme itself did not generate much excitement at first. I think those of us who have been Christians for a while have to be careful in thinking, “Oh, I’ve heard that before.” Even if we have, we could use the reminders, but often we can learn something new or a new way to practically apply truth. There was much to ponder. I enjoyed the sessions very much, as well as the decorations, music, and food — especially the muffins between the sessions Saturday morning and the men serving dinner Friday night (several of our ladies said, “We ought to have our men do that at our next luncheon!) Seven of our ladies were able to go Friday night and three Saturday morning. The two of us who road together Saturday morning questioned what we were doing driving somewhere at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday — but we enjoyed the fellowship and the meetings.

The rest of Saturday was taken up with laundry, grocery shopping, and enough cleaning to keep the health department from condemning us. Sunday was a regular Sunday, then our ladies’ meeting was last night with more than the usual preparation throughout the day.

And now for the next two weeks there are no outside appointments or obligations that I can think of. It feels so luxurious! I have some catch-up cleaning to do today but want to really dig into the craft room this week. Melli mentioned in an earlier comment that she was still waiting on pictures of it. I said, “Me, too!” I’m still working in it/on it. In fact, we made cards for missionaries last night, and that part of the craft stuff is about all I have organized so far. I did wince at the thought of putting it all in boxes to take to the meeting and now having to put it all back again. But it was for a good cause, and it was a fun time.

I did get a call from the doctor’s office this morning about my knee x-rays. Apparently I do have bone spurs there, and she offered to refer me to someone about getting some kind of shots in them, but I told her they were tolerable for now.

My tendency, when it’s not busy or there are no deadlines, is to drift a little…or a lot…and lose my momentum and not get as much done. But I already have a to-do list for the day, so we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile I wanted to share this: I saw it on a friend’s Facebook this morning and thought it looked so fun!

12 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Well, it sounds like the conference was fun and inspirational.
    I know what you mean about drifting. Some days I do that and don’t feel as if I’ve accomplished anything. But, when I start listing what I’ve done, realize that I got a lot done.
    I am eager to see the craft room, too.
    Mama Bear

  2. Barbara,

    Thank you for your comment on my Lucy Jumper. You never know – a granddaughter might be right around the corner in the very near future! 😉

    Hope you are enjoying your down time.

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend. The conference does sound like it was good. You are right about those of us who have been Christians for awhile thinking we’ve heard that before. I have to remind myself that with every speaker though, comes a perspective or way of saying something that might bring a fresh light onto scripture that speaks just to us.

    We had an extremely busy weekend to and I’m very tired today and very thankful there is nothing on the agenda for the next couple of days.

  4. You have been one busy lady. Glad things are going to slow down for ya. Hope you get something done with the spurs. Don’t let it drag on too long until you are just miserable. That piano looks so much fun. Think of how fun it would be to get enough people on there and plan out a song. Could be something very easy and then video that. Would be a blast I think. Mahalo for sharing 🙂

  5. LOL! Loved the Fun Theory! Not sure sOme of those people were actually getting more “exercise” – but they were having fun! 😉

    Sounds like that conference was GREAT this weekend! I still have SO much to learn that I am never “not excited” about the topic of ANYTHING! Our new young vicar is getting very spoiled by me being in his audience – because I hang on HIS every word as much as I hang on Pastor’s! (i’m good for his ego!)

    Carry on with that room! I hope you get a BUNCH of time to work in there this week!

  6. I can’t tell you ow many conferences I have gone to with a bit of apathy, only to be blessed and energized for having gone. I always marvel at my ability to underestimate the power of God.

    Like you, I drift if I am not “forced” to stay on schedule. I am giving the message this Sunday evening at church. I have known that for a month. I just gathered my speaking materials this morning — and only then because Pastor reminded me that I needed to turn in details to the music team and bulletin committee. I really should have given the music team a whole lot more lead time.

  7. Hey, Barbara….I’m glad to hear you are going to get to slow down a “little”. 🙂 Don’t put off the knees too long. They may only get worse and could possibly cause damage in other areas of your body if you try to adjust because of the pain.
    I have to keep a pretty close schedule because of having little Jaylon everyday and it does help me to stay organized!

  8. You have been busy! I’m glad that you had a good time at the conference. I know that I get the same way. It’s not that I think I know everything, but I think I know pretty much everything – lol. Or maybe I think I know all I need too and that is just not the case. I went to a meeting about confession and first communion since my son will be making his this year and I thought “Wow, what a waste of time. I’ve been doing this since I was seven. What are they going to tell me that I don’t already know”? Well, they gave us the history of confession and how it all started and it was very interesting and I had NO.IDEA. So there, I was wrong and I was glad I went:)
    Hope your momentum continues! Have a great rest of the week!!

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