All of These

I’ve heard this sung a time or two at church, then I discovered it on the new Creator of It All CD by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Association. What a rich text, drawing the soul to meditate on and worship our great and wonderful God. It was written by Craig Curry and inspired by Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional for May 18.

How vast His grace! How great His faithfulness!
How deep His love! How rich His mercy!
How high His thoughts! How sure His wisdom!
And all of these, He gives to me.


So I will praise Him with every breath
For He has rescued me from certain death
And now this life I live, I live in Him
O let His glory shine while mine grows dim.

How just His ways! How good His discipline!
How pure His truth!How kind His goodness!
How calm His peace! How long His patience
And all of these He gives to me.

(Chorus repeats)

How vast His grace!(How broad His pow’r)
How great His faithfulness! (How grand His majesty!)
How deep His love! (How true His reign!)
How rich His mercy! (How bright His glory!)
How high His thoughts! (How strong His might!)
How sure His wisdom! (How clear His triumph!)
And all of these, He gives to me.

(Chorus repeats)

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