‘Tis the season…

…for things to break down, apparently.

A couple of weeks ago the furnace went out.

Then the washer developed a leak in the pump.

Now my microwave doesn’t work unless you bang on the side a couple of times,

The gauges and speedometer, etc., on my dashboard are not showing up (everything starts and shifts fine, I just can’t see how fast I am going, how much gas I have, or what gear I am in),

And the strap on my purse broke last night.

Not to mention Jane Eyre has been stuck in my upstairs DVD for weeks and I can’t get the the downstairs DVD open (though the kids can finagle it),

And my mouse keeps hanging up until I call Jeremy to see what’s wrong. He changed the battery, but something is still wrong. And for some reason he is not interested in standing near me while I am on the computer so his vibes can keep it working right.

I am not going to ask, “What else can break down?”

Because I really don’t want to know!

12 thoughts on “‘Tis the season…

  1. Maaaaaaan! They say things usually come in 3’s — you’re on your 3rd set of 3’s now! Let me help you out – Dennis just called to say his power steering went out on his way home from work. He’s at the mechanics now. You can HAVE that one — just to save you one! (aren’t I a good friend?)

    Truly… I hope NOTHING else is planned for you!

  2. I apologize…cuz it’s not really funny…but for some reason this made me giggle! Sorry…*sigh* You poor thing…I was prepared to say that things break “in threes” but I’m worried to pick a number for you! HA! Hope things stabilize soon!

  3. Do you have a dimmer switch on your dashboard? Did it just get togged the wrong way? My current car has one and occasionally I coincidently turn my dashboard lights off.

    I hope things quit breaking soon!

    • I do have such a dimmer and I have accidentally turned off the dashboard lights a few times, too. But the gauges are not just not lighting — they are not moving at all — the MPH and gas gauge are all the way to the left.

  4. Oh myyyyy…..you are really dealing with alot, Barbara! Hopefully, your DH will have some time off over the holidays and you will be able to get everything fixed and in working order.
    Wow…..you are definitely handling it all with amazing grace as Janet said.

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