Odds and ends

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas week! Ours was very nice.

I thought I’d share with you just a few tidbits from the past week.

When we came back from our anniversary trip, Jeremy has already offered to make dinner that evening, and Jason and Mittu surprised us with balloons, a cake, some plastic goblets (I didn’t know they made such a thing), and “sparkling” grape juice. We had never really had an anniversary celebration at home before — having a girl in the family adds a new dimension! Not to fault the boys, though. They were used to us just going out to eat that day and only a couple of times over the years going somewhere overnight. But that was a nice surprise.

One of our silly little traditions on our anniversary is to put a card under each others’ pillow and then read them together before we go to bed. Somehow even though I bought family Christmas cards specifically before we left so the store selection wouldn’t be all picked over or all gone by the time we came back, I totally forgot about an anniversary card. I thought I might sneak out Monday morning before we left, but it ended up being so late before I was ready to go, I didn’t want to take the time, and there was no way to do it sneakily. So I thought maybe I’d find something in a little shop along the way. Nope. The places we went to didn’t have any and the places that might have had them weren’t open. So that evening in the hotel I was trying to decide what to do. I hated not having a card at all, though I knew Jim would understand. While he was on the phone with the kids I looked around and found the hotel stationery….so I wrote my little note for our 30th anniversary on that. 😳 At least having the image and name of the hotel on it made it somewhat commemorative. I was especially thankful then that I had posted my 30 things I love about my husband that morning!

Our church always has a Christmas Eve service, understanding that everyone can’t come because some have their family celebrations then. I had had to go to the store that day and then had multitudes of wrapping to do and was chafing just a little about going. But I always enjoy it once I get there. Our music director’s daughter and her husband were in town and they did a sacred concert for us: she plays the cello and he is working on a PhD in something to do with classical piano.  The cello is my all-time favorite instrument. It was lovely: a nice, peaceful time to stop and reflect.

The service itself was at 5 p.m. — kind of an odd time — I guess they were trying as much as possible not to interfere with anyone’s evening plans. But we ended up going out to eat afterward at Fatz Cafe. I wouldn’t mind making that a regular Christmas Eve tradition. 😀

Christmas Day was very nice with Jason, Mittu, and Grandma coming over. The Christmas story, presents, and what has become our traditional breakfast of Sister Shubert sausage wraps, cinnamon rolls, and sliced, cooked apples with cinnamon and sugar, then naps, puttering around with Christmas presents, dinner, naps, a couple of movies on TV, and time with family in between. A very restful day.

No after-Christmas shopping for me on Saturday! I went into one store looking for something I had seen advertised before Christmas in the hopes that they might still have it, but no such luck, and the crowdedness and lines reminded me why I don’t go shopping on that day.

Mittu and Jason had a little get-together Saturday night with us and a family from church they are close to whose daughters worked with them at Castlepoint. One daughter attends college in FL and one teaches in CA, and they were both in town, so it was a nice time of visiting. We played Pit, which was my first time playing. I had always thought, looking on, that it was a noisy, confusing game, but in the midst of it, it’s fun.

Today was a fairly normal Sunday. I have the ladies’ booklet to work on this week — I don’t know quite how that will work with everyone home, but I’ve been praying about it! We’re really looking forward to New Year’s Eve at Jason and Mittu’s. I grew up in a family that had fireworks regularly and I’ve chafed at our city’s restriction of them. But Jason and Mittu live outside the city limits! So we kind of invited ourselves over to do fireworks then. We’re not so much into the ones that just make noise: one of my all time favorite ones we had ages ago were little tanks that would send off little sparkles as they traveled a few inches. I wonder if they still make those…

It’s been understandably quiet around the blogosphere this week, which has been helpful as I am sure we were all otherwise occupied, but I’ve missed getting together with my blog friends. I imagine most people’s posting might be a little iffy this next week, too, but then we’ll get back to “normal.” I have a lot of plans for that first normal week!

Here are a few pictures from Jim’s camera during our anniversary trip. We don’t have many photos of just the two of us together, but he got some using Jeremy’s gorillapod and his time-delay setting on his camera.

In the hotel room:

In front of the hotel:

At a little tea shop where we stopped for lunch one day:

In front of the Heyward-Washington House waiting for the next tour:

Hope you have a good last week of 2009!

19 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

    We tried to have a Christmas Eve “service” for our church at our house, since the rec centre where we meet closes at 3:00 on Christmas Eve afternoon. Everyone had family plans, though, so we ended up just having our family. Then at 10:00 that night, our doorbell rang, and there were our boys who weren’t supposed to be home for Christmas!

    I’ve told Wes I’d like to make eating out on Christmas Eve our new tradition! LOL We’ve never done it, but it sounds like a fun thing to do after the kids are all grown. We’ll see.

    Looking forward to all you have planned in the new year! Have a great week.

  2. Yes, it made me smile too to read these notes about your Christmas. It sounds like a great time of connection.

    I’m looking forward to this week of vacation from school.

  3. Happy 30th! I like the shot best of the two of you in front of the hotel; close-ups always appeal more to me.

    It does help to have a girl in the family. We ladies are the detail people of the world.

  4. Lovely pictures, Barbara! I can tell you both had an enjoyable time. The “party” at home sounds like it was a lot of fun, too. I’m curious – what did Jeremy make for dinner? You have a wonderful family! Happy New Year to all of you!

  5. I’m glad you admitted how quiet it has been around the blog-o-sphere. =D I’ve missed it also and am happy to catch up a bit with people this morning!

    What a GREAT tradition to have re: the anniversary cards. That’s an awesome idea. This was the first year I gave Jonathan, who is a words of affirmation kind of guy, a letter in his stocking. That went over so well it’s something I can envision being a tradition. But yes, I think that’s definitely something worth the doing – even if it is on hotel stationary! =D Do you keep the cards so that you have them around to read through?

    • We’ve kept them, but not in one place. They’re in assorted boxes of “kept” things like that. I really should put them all in one album — I don’t know why I never thought of that before!

  6. Sounds like a lovely holiday season you had! I think the little notes under the pillows is a sweet tradition for you anniversary, and I’m sure the hotel stationary passes as something to remember where you spent this anniversary!

  7. I never heard of that Gorillapod! I WANT one of those! That is GREAT! And what cute pictures you got of the two of you! That is wonderful! This was just a great post! Very sweet…. I love the love notes to each other too…. 🙂

  8. Those are wonderful pictures my friend. You make a very cute couple. I love the surprise party you got too. How fun. I had to check out that gorillapod. How interesting. Thanks for sharing. This was a wonderful, heartfelt post 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family

  9. I enjoyed this post. Having a daughter will definitely change things.
    I was in Kohl’s one day with my daughter, she pointed to a Pooh watch and said she wanted one and should she buy it for herself. I said no. When I got home, I sent a text message to Son by Love saying there was a pooh watch at Kohl’s that she wanted for Christmas. That was the end of it until Christmas day on our way to the gathering with extended family. She showed her watch and said she was sure surprised..

  10. How fun to go away for your anniversary. Your pictures are neat. I liked your last-minute idea with the hotel stationary. I’m sure it meant a lot to your husband.
    Happy 2010, if I can’t stop by before then!
    God’s blessings.

  11. *sighhh* What wonderful memories you’ve made, Barbara! The pictures are great!
    I have to ask: Where did you get your coat? I loooove it!!! And I’ve been looking for one forever! Or who is the maker of it? It is just what I’ve been looking for!
    Anywayyyy…..how precious that the kids were waiting for you when you returned home and had a little celebration for you!
    I’m enjoying hearing about the new dimension that having a DIL is adding to your family. It is so sweet! 🙂

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