Book challenges

I’ve been a little reluctant to join any book challenges because I have so many books to be read on my shelf, and many more on a list. But these two are calling to me.

The folks at 5 Minutes For Books have revamped their Classics Bookclub: instead of choosing one classic for everyone to read and discuss, now anyone can read any classic, and instead of meeting and linking up once a month, they will meet once a quarter. You can list what book(s) you read and wrote about and then peruse the list to see what others read, clicking on the ones that interest you.

I do want to keep the classics in my regular reading, but I don’t often reach for them unless there is a specific challenge or goal like this. I mentioned earlier that I had read most of the classics I had a burning desire to, and perhaps it was time to revisit some old favorites.

L. M. Montgomery Reading ChallengeAlong those lines, Carrie at Reading to Know is hosting an L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge: basically we’re to pick any book(s) of L. M. Montgomery, write a post stating we’re joining the challenge and leave a comment on this post, read the book some time during January, then on Jan. 31 leave a comment with a link back to whatever Montgomery books we read and posted about during the month.

I think these two will dovetail nicely!

So my tentative goals for the Classics Bookclub are:

1. Read Anne of Green Gables for this and the Montgomery challenge. This will probably make me want to reread all the books and watch the film series again, but I’ll just have to deal with that. 🙂

2. Read something from Agatha Christie. I’ve been saying I want to for ages: now is the time to do it!

3. Carrie is also hosting a Chronicles of Narnia reading challenge in July. I am still thinking about that and may do it: I’d love to revisit the series.

I think the fourth option I will leave open for now and see what develops and what I am in the mood for later, since nothing in particular is coming to mind just now.

Oh, and there are prizes associated with each challenge. The Classics Bookclub will enter anyone who signs up with their goals by Jan. 31 into a drawing for Invitation to the Classics: A Guide to Books You’ve Always Wanted to Read and a copy of Jane Eyre from the Readable Classics series. Carrie is offering a locket from Emma Parker & Co. as a prize.

6 thoughts on “Book challenges

  1. I wouldn’t mind joining an online discussion group.
    I am a member of a book club that meets each month. We decide in January which books we’ll read for the year, one each month, then discuss at our meeting. Because of the club, I’ve read several that I wouldn’t have normally. A few of the ones selected, I’ve not read because they just didn’t appeal to me at all.
    I started the Narnia series last year. The next on my list is Prince Caspian. I finally found the next 3 after The Horse and His Boy on the bargain table at the bookstore and bought them.
    We listened to one of Cristie’s books on tape while driving to the beach last year. It was one of the Inspector Poirot books.
    Mama Bear

  2. Have a good time with this challenge!

    I have always wanted to read Anne of Green Gables and really, really hope to find time to do so one day. Classics always make me procrastinate in reading them.

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