Back to the ol’ routine…

…at least, that’s what I thought today would be. Everyone is back at work or school, and I have plenty of things to do, but nothing pressing. So I was going to compute for a while and then dig into some project or another.

I had several threads of ideas for blog posts, but nothing really came together…and I just seemed to have some strange sort of malaise. I got more and more sleepy and couldn’t seem to think straight. I ended up taking a nap. That did help some.

Though the past 2-3 weeks have had pockets of relaxation and a lot of fun, I have had something pressing to do just about every day. So maybe it all just caught up with me. I hope I am not catching something.

I’ve always said I don’t work best under deadlines or pressure, but I do get more done then. Part of that has to do with having a limited amount of time, but part of it, I just realized today, is that a deadline helps you focus on just the thing that needs work and helps you prioritize. With many projects needing to be done but no real time constraint on any of them, I tend to just float around indecisively and not make headway. I need to just pick one and get started.

I think today I’ll declutter. That doesn’t take a lot of mental effort. We got the Christmas decorations put away Saturday and a lot of the house in order then, but I see some stacks of stuff that need sorting through.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back with something more interesting to read. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Back to the ol’ routine…

  1. If I don’t have deadlines or something I flounder like a big old fish outta water. I’m not good when I know things need to be done but there isn’t a set time for them. Have fun decluttering? No Microficiton today ? I’m bummed 🙂

  2. It is well known that every job expands to fill the exact time it is allotted. If I have too much time, I get nothing done. Pressure me and I can do amazing amounts in work in very little time at all!

  3. Well the only Christmas decorations that have come down so far at my house are the stockings! Since it just hit midnight I can safely say that TODAY (Tuesday) is going to be the day. The tree is coming down! And everything else will follow!

    I think it’s normal to be tired that first day or two after everyone goes back to their own thing. I don’t know yet because as soon as Dennis went back to work, Krysti came home again! However, I guess until she gets a full time job, having her in and out of our home will be the “new norm”. THAT doesn’t sit well with me. I like to know how my day is going to go… ya know? Not that we ever really do… but I like to THINK I know how my day is s’posed to go!

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