Can you get any more random than dog breath, basketball, and spam casserole?

  • A few mornings ago when I came back home from taking Jesse to school, Suzie-the-dog was way out back barking, and I saw little white puffs of air coming from her mouth as she barked. That struck me funny. I’ve seen that, of course, on people, but never from a dog. I wish I had thought to try to get a picture, but if I had come closer to her she would have stopped barking and loped over to be petted.
  • I mentioned way back when basketball season started that Jesse’s JV team won their first two games. Unfortunately, they’ve not won since. One loss was pretty bad, and one was a nail-biting squeaker, but most have been moderate. Our state association of Christian schools divides all the teams up into leagues based on their school size, and our school just barely has enough to be classified with bigger schools — which have more people and therefore a bigger pool of talent to chose from. Plus there are only three guys, I think, who have played on our school team before this year — everyone else is new. Though I love winning, I really don’t mind so much if they win or lose as long as they’re playing well and learning and growing. Being only human, of course, they don’t play well all the time. But I do think they are learning and growing. I do hope they can get a few more wins in before the season is over to encourage them. They have a good coach who is instructive without brow-beating them.
  • One of my “comfort foods” that my mom used to make that I get a hankering for every now and then is spam casserole. Is that weird? I am having the leftovers from earlier in the week for lunch even now. You cut up the spam (though I use Treet, actually, I still call it spam) into cubes, brown it with onion in some margarine, add cooked noodles, a can of cream of chicken soup, and a can of cheddar cheese soup. Mmmmm. Probably not the healthiest thing on the planet, but it hits the spot sometimes. I also like to slice spam up and fry it and make sandwiches of it.
  • I love Saturdays when I don’t have to set the alarm clock and can experience a leisurely morning. But I suppose it is time now to go and be somewhat productive. Hope you have a great Saturday!

9 thoughts on “Can you get any more random than dog breath, basketball, and spam casserole?

  1. I’ve never seen the air coming from a dogs breath either. I would love to see it. Winning or Losing in high school isn’t what’s important in my book. It’s how you play the game and learning life’s values of being a team member. πŸ™‚ But winning is always good. I love spam cooked anyway. It’s the bomb. Have a wonderful Saturday my friend πŸ™‚

  2. I just might have to try your Spam casserole; I think my husband would like it! We like it sliced and fried for sandwiches too. Not too many people like Spam, especially with everything so health-conscious anymore. But we used it quite often in our early years of marriage. It’s good in mac & cheese and in scalloped potatoes, too.

    And now I suppose I should go and be productive too. Sigh.

  3. I’m glad to see that your blog has been slow today too! NOT that I wish you to have low comments like me today — just that it’s comforting to know that ALL the world is busy – not just my friends! I have been productive today – but most of it has been sitting on my butt with Bible studies and diet studies! She gave us a LOT of homework this week! LOL!

    I am sorry Jessie’s team isn’t having a better season – but like you I think the important thing IS learning and growing. And even BIG schools go through seasons where most of their players are new. It’s a really rare coach that keeps a good mix of grades to insure him/herself of being well placed each year! Unfortunately some of those kids GRADUATE each year! When you have a big group that leaves… then you start out with a rookie team the next year! (it’s kinda sad for the maybe 2 or 3 seniors who will graduate that year.) What year is Jessie in?

    Oh boy! I can’t even imagine Spam as a comfort food! LOL! I could substitute chicken in there… and I can imagine it as a favorite … but not with Spam! No ma’am! I haven’t had Spam since I moved out of my mother’s house! You would make a GREAT Hawaiian! They love their Spam over there! They even have it at their McDonald’s! πŸ™‚

    Happy Saturday Barbara! And … Happy Sunday too!

    • Jesse is in 10th grade and on the Junior Varsity Team, which I think is 6th-10th. Sometimes a 9th or 10th grader will be on the Varsity Team — I think it might depend on how many people the Varsity Team has as well as how good the player is. But the Varsity Team this year has enough Juniors and Seniors to field a team plus one freshman who is really good.

  4. Barbara, I am sure you would love Spam Musabi. It is one of the foods I regret leaving behind in Hawaii. It is Spam and seasoned rice wrapped in nori. Yum.

    I am sorry Jesse’s team isn’t doing better, but if they’re learning they’ll get there!

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