Flooding and Mudding

It rained all day this past Sunday, just a sprinkle at some times and a downpour at others. The main problem that creates for us is that one corner of our “sunroom” floods when we get a lot of rain. This is the room the previous owners added on, and I don’t know if they did something wrong or what.

Our patio has a little brick wall around it with a drain that we have to keep leaves and gunk out of.

We had the roto-rooter guys out a few months ago to thoroughly clean out the drain, but it didn’t help a lot. They had a $1,200 solution to offer us, but we’re trying to come up with a less costly alternative.

So until we figure out what to do or have time to do it, we have a routine established. Jim bought a pump that we put in the corner of the patio which usually works fine. But yesterday, though we had the pump going full blast, the sunroom still flooded in one corner. We have a Wetvac and went through a lot of towels to try to keep it contained. I asked Jim if the pump just wasn’t keeping up for some reason — he said it was pumping, but the ground was so saturated there just wasn’t any place for the water to go. The water in the yard was almost to the level of the little brick wall around the patio and was about to overflow it.

(This was taken Monday just to show the wall, so no flooding is shown. The side next to the yard is not as deep as the side next to the patio.)

But finally about 11:30 p.m., the rain had moved out and everything seemed to settle down.

It was bright, sunny, and windy Monday morning, so I had great hopes for everything outside to dry out. When I took some trash out to the garbage can around lunch time, I noticed pieces of cardboard and what looked like an old handle of a rake or shovel out in the yard, so I ventured out to get it…and sunk past the level of my shoe in mud.

I’ve mentioned before that I have balance problems — I told my husband that it was a good thing that long handle was out there to use as a walking stick, or I would have been out there hollering for help until someone heard me inside. But I was able to gingerly step around the swampy area enough to get the big pieces and get back to the house.

And when I told my dear, sweet, sympathetic husband this, he replied…

“I wish I’d had the video camera!”

Thanks, Dear. 🙄 🙂

15 thoughts on “Flooding and Mudding

    • Well, the wall isn’t so much the problem — water rarely gets high enough to overflow it. The main problem is that the drain is inadequate to handle the run-off from a heavy rain. It only happens when we get a real hard downpour or an accumulation of a lot of rain in one day. Jim has talked about installing another drain or building another brick wall next to the house.

  1. I don’t mean to laugh my dear sweet one, but that is just too funny his response. LOL. When I saw your shoes I thought oh know…something is going to happen. We have had rain like that and when it downpours here and the ground gets saturated it’s awful. You know maybe 1,200.00 will be a cheap answer in the long run. I hope you get dried out real soon. Oh and BTW I’m rooting for the video camera next time as well LOL 🙂

  2. Well, on the bright side… I love those cute little shoes;)

    Thanks for the laugh… as a sister-balance-problem-girl, I can empathize with you!

  3. LOL!!! Go Jim! Poor little shoes… I hope they cleaned up when it all dried. Hope you come up with something cheaper for that flooding issue… why is EVERYTHING house related SO darned expensive?!

  4. LOL. Your hubby cracks me up. And I suppose he would have wanted to post it for all to see. LOL.

    Well, I’m glad you found the walking stick and I’d be sorely tempted to make him take out the garbage next time it rains so much. Just make sure he wears knee high gum boots. :v)

  5. I’m sorry to read about the swampy area. I hope you’ll be able to get a solution soon. We can’t be thankful enough for our dear, sweet, sympathetic husbands. Can we 😉

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