Friday’s Fave Five and Jury Duty

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

Here are my faves for the week:

1. Dinner at Outback! We don’t go there often, and we don’t usually go to restaurants around Valentine’s Day because they’re so busy. But when Jim offered to take the family to Outback the night before Valentine’s Day, well, I wasn’t going to turn him down! It did take a long time to get seated — they told us 45 minutes, but it ended up being almost two hours — but once we got to eat, everything was wonderful.

2. Valentine’s Day! It’s probably my favorite holiday, maybe vying with Christmas. We don’t usually do gifts, but we did exchange cards, I made my little chocolate heart cupcakes, and hubby surprised me with some Lindt truffles!

I pretty much only use tablecloths on holidays, maybe sometimes on special occasions, and I cannot find a pink tablecloth that isn’t peachy-looking, but I did spread this square pink one over the oval ivory one to make it more Valentiney:

I only had 6 pink napkins and we had 7 people, so I used both pink and ivory and alternated them. I liked the effect.

3. Snow Friday night! Nice and fluffy! And most of the snow melting Saturday afternoon! Yes, those are both favorites! I like it when it’s around long enough to play in a little, and then melts away.

4. A snowy Valentine message from Jesse, my youngest:

5. Cleaning out my desk and discovering a $25 award certificate to that I had forgotten about! I ordered three books totaling a little over $30, qualified for free shipping, and with my certificate only paid something like $5.87. One of the books is Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter, various thoughts and essays compiled by Nancy Guthrie in the same style as Come, Though Long Expected Jesus which I read and enjoyed before Christmas. I’m looking forward to using it to prepare my heart for Easter.


The Olympics! I mentioned that yesterday so I won’t elaborate.

I also mentioned yesterday that an unfavorite part of the week was receiving a summons for jury duty, and a few people wanted to know why I felt that way. Well, for one thing, there are other things I would rather do with my time, and I admit that is selfish. But I am also the most indecisive person I know. It takes me a long time to come to most decisions. I can see both sides of an issue or the pros and cons of each side of an decision and have a hard time unless it is just really clear-cut. The thought of having to evaluate a situation that is going to impact someone’s life unnerves me. Of course, for one-day duty it’s not likely there will be any major cases.

I’m surprised some of you have never been called! I wish they could rework it so that only people who wanted to could sign up to serve…but then they probably wouldn’t have enough people.

I’m feeling a little loopy this morning. I woke up at 3 a.m. to take Jason and Mittu to the airport for an early flight to see Mittu’s mom. It’s really strange being out and about so early! I’m not sleepy yet, but I feel just a little “off.” I think I foresee another nap in my future. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five and Jury Duty

  1. Outback and I have issues. It used to be we the only Outback we HAD was 45 minutes away in Annapolis — and after driving that far you had to wait in line FOREVER to get in… 2 hours was not a LONG wait at all! BUT… at least once you were in, yes, the food was WONDERFUL — and I dearly love those darn bloomin’ onions – which are the MOST unhealthy thing on the menu! LOL! But a couple of years ago we finally got an Outback in the county. It’s 10 minutes away – there’s never a line — and the food is HORRIBLE! Go figure! I have actually only eaten there once – but the vegetables were MUSH and the steak was shoe leather – and I order medium rare! Derek worked for them for a very short week and quit… (he was a chef) … so I don’t know what is the problem with this particular Outback – but I don’t know how they stay in business! Everyone I talk to has had a bad experience there! I envy you your GOOD Outback!

    It is going to be June before WE see our lawn again! I love the way your boys write love messages to you in the snow though! I think that is soooooooo sweet!

  2. =D I would LOVE to serve on a jury! But the only time I was ever called to serve was when I was interning at the local district attorney’s office and so, uh, well, they quickly disqualified me. And I would have been disappointed except I loved my internship! =D Still, I would be head over heels if I ever had the chance. *I* think it’s unfair that people who don’t want to service (for whatever reasons – and I do understand!) always get called and I, who want to serve, never do. Ah life! ha!

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to an Outback but I do remember the food being yummy.

    LOVE the note on your car from your son. That’s just awesome.

    Have a great weekend! Hopefully everyone, including Jim, is feeling well and rested!

  3. I love the message from Jesse. Wonderful. Not a big fan of Outback for the simple reason it’s to pricey for the food if you ask me. It great food but the price is outrageous at least here in Honolulu. I love getting up early but if you aren’t use to it then I can understand why later in the day you would feel off. It’s so peaceful and just let’s me think all my own stuff 🙂 I love it. Jury Duty as you know is something I really do enjoy. Our criminal justice system at it’s finest 🙂

  4. I love Outback, too. Which reminds me…I never did a Valentine dinner this year. Maybe tomorrow I can…
    How precious to have that snow message! Wow. You are so blessed to have a son who would do that for his mother.
    Finding the gift certificate is quite a treat, too. You did have a lot to be thankful for this week!

  5. I would definitely be a little “off” if I had to be up at 3 a.m.

    You are one patient family waiting for 2 hours at a restaurant just to get in, never mind getting your meal on top of that. Wow. Don’t know if I could ever do that.

    Sounds like your valentine’s was lovely and full of loving family!

  6. I love the note you got from Jesse on your car! That is super sweet. Ribeyes are my favorite steak and Outback has some awesome ones! I also like your pink table cloth and napkins. Pink is my favorite color so I pretty much like all things pink!

  7. Well, first off, my dear husband would never wait two hours to eat somewhere, ever. His max would probably be 45 minutes tops. 🙂
    Loved the sweet message from Jesse on your car! Awwww!
    Oh, getting up at 3 in the morning would totally mess me up for the day! I don’t even think a nap would help but I’d give it a try! Love my naps! 🙂
    And how great was that…finding that $25 certificate! Finding money and such that we didn’t know we had is always wonderful!

  8. I’ve been out of touch for several weeks, just traveling and not getting online. It’s good to catch up. Jury duty: did it in December! What a sweet Valentine’s message from your youngest!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. We went to Outback last night. Sunday’s are our favorite time to go out. We arrived around 5 PM and didn’t have to wait for a table.
    What a great deal with the gift card to Amazon. I can always find books I want, there, and most of the time, cheaper than if I went to the bookstore. Best of all, I can shop from my sofa at home.
    Mama Bear

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