Ups and Downs

UP: I had a really good, thoughtful post pretty much composed in my head in the shower at about 5:15 this morning.

DOWN: By the time I got to the computer at 8:15, it wasn’t flowing. I remembered parts of it, but it just wasn’t coming together. I’ll work on it and see what happens.

UP: I only got five hours of sleep last night and was up late a few night this week, so when I was falling asleep in y computer chair this morning. I decided to take a nap.

DOWN: I slept much longer than I intended to and now have a bit of a headache.

UP: But my mind is clearer and I am more alert.

DOWN: I got summoned for jury duty.

UP: It’s only for a day rather than a week. I requested to be excused due to medical issues that make it hard to stay seated for more than an hour and a half at a time. I don’t know if it will be regarded a legitimate request or not, but I felt it was better to bring it up now than not mention it and have it become an issue then.

DOWN: All of us except Jesse have taken turns being sick with some kind of cold/sinus issue.

UP: All of us are better…

DOWN: …except Jim. He’s actually better, but things seem to have settled in his throat. I thought for sure he had strep, but he went to the doctor Monday, who said it was just raw and inflamed. Every time he talks for very long, he starts coughing…and a lot of his job involves talking. The doctor did prescribe some medicine, so hopefully he’ll be on the mend here soon.

UP: I am loving the Olympics. I am watching more than I usually do — I think perhaps because of viewing history in the moment and in context rather than in short clips on the news. Loved especially Canada’s first gold on its own soil with Alexandre Bilodeau (who seems like a genuinely nice guy. I don’t know how anyone can do moguls and keep their knees for very long, though), Anton Ohno’s speed skating, the men’s short program in figure skating Tuesday night, especially Evan Lysacek’s routine, and Shaun White’s gold medal snowboarding last night. Looking forward to the men’s long program in skating tonight.

11 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Hope your feeling better. I love the Olypmics as well. They are the bomb!!! And another thing I love is Jury Duty. I find it fascinating. πŸ™‚ Ya know if I ever sleep too long I feel crappy the whole day. It’s like it makes me too tired. What an oxymoron LOL Have a good day my friend πŸ™‚

  2. Why does no one like jury duty?! I’ve never had it (hubby has) but I think I would like it. Probably comes from my nosiness! LOL

    We are so proud of Bilodeau!!!! He does seem to be a great guy (love how he treats his handicapped brother), and he won our first Canadian gold on Canadian soil – so he’s a hero here. How do you like our city? It’s been a good experience so far. The traffic hasn’t been bad for us, but we don’t live in the core of Vancouver. We do live within a stone’s throw (literally) of the Trans-Canada Highway, though, and we’ve seen tons of buses going up and down to Whistler and Cypress, transporting fans to the events.

    I hope you and Jim are feeling better soon!

  3. I’m with Susan! I’ve always WANTED to serve jury duty and the only time I ever got called we were moving out of the county before my jury date — I tried to get them to LET me serve it anyway… but that was a big NO. I’ve never been called since we lived down here… 22 years – and I registered to vote the first year we were here! Dennis has never been called either. *sigh*

    This was quite a unique post! I hope your early morning post comes back to you in a positive way! I’m sure it was a worthy read!

    Sorry to hear Jim’s not feeling so well… it stinks that he has to go to work – and TALK – with a raw soar throat.

  4. What a unique post, Barbara! Loved the ups and downs. How clever!
    I will be praying for you and your family that you all get well….quickly! In Jesus’ Name!
    We’ve discussed our love of naps before and I still love them! AND find them all the more necessary because of caring for little Jaylon. When he naps, I nap! πŸ™‚
    I DVR the Olympics and watch them when I have time the next day.
    Oh, and I know what you mean about having a good thought for a post, then losing it and not being able to regain it just as you would like to. So frustrating!
    AND I’ve always thought I would like to do j ury duty but have never been called.

  5. I avoided jury duty for two years due to child care, but they advised me last year that if I got another summons I should just go through with it. So this year I accepted… and the case was dismissed, so I didn’t have to serve after all. πŸ™‚

    It’s one of those things I love the idea of — “a jury of your peers” — but feel quite nervous about when I’m tapped for it myself.

    Hope your husband gets to feeling better quickly.

  6. Hi Barbara ~

    I loved this post. I did it with a twist on my blog yesterday. I meant to comment here first before I posted but forgot. It reminded me when you posted on mine. LOL!

    As always, I enjoy checking in with you. I appreciate the windows into your life you leave open for us.

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