Odds and ends

THE sun is bright,—the air is clear,
The darting swallows soar and sing,
And from the stately elms I hear
The blue-bird prophesying Spring.

From “It Is Not Always May” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • The calendar says that spring is coming in a couple of weeks, but there are no bright skies, clear air, or blue-birds prophesying Spring here today. It’s snowing. In March. In South Carolina. We’re supposed to get 2-4 inches today. Thankfully it is expected to be gone by tomorrow and the weekend is supposed to be nice.
  • I was at W-Mart this morning and saw these cute sandwich cutters. I never liked the idea of cutting sandwiches into cute shapes because of the waste of what’s left over, but this looks like it would create little waste. Unfortunately, my guys are beyond the cute sandwich stage — though it would be fun to see how they would react to little dino-sandwiches. 🙂
  • One of my sisters in Texas and I had e-mails going back and forth about a Christmas package she had sent. We were talking about the contents and the fact that I still have some of the things in it that were for two of my other sisters about 45 minutes away (even though it is two months past Christmas….we have conflicting schedules and a hard time getting together.) She was all right with that, but then she asked, “Did you like the ring?” “Ring? What ring?” She had sent one my my mom’s “mother’s rings” — years ago it was popular to have a ring made with all your children’s birthstones. I had not seen it at all and didn’t know it was in there. I went back and searched thoroughly the box and the two different areas where it had been, but saw nothing. If it was mixed up in the packaging material, it’s long gone. I was hoping maybe it fell out of the box near the wall or between different items nearby…but found nothing so far. I am so heartsick over it. My mother’s taste in jewelry was much gaudier than mine, so I would never have worn it, but I would have liked to have it because it was hers. I’m praying that if it is still anywhere here, we’ll find it.
  • Update: FOUND! Okay, between e-mails and phone calls, here is what happened: My husband had gone to Houston for a business trip last fall and couldn’t get by to see my sister but had called. They talked about the ring, and decided she would send it to him in a Christmas box before our anniversary, and he was going to give to to me then. But it didn’t arrive in time, so when we got back from our anniversary trip, he opened the box and took out the ring and put it on a shelf in his closet, thinking he would get it cleaned and give it to me another time. So when I e-mail my sister back that I searched everywhere and couldn’t find the ring, she e-mailed back and said, “Oh no, I ruined the surprise!” and told me what was supposed to have happened. I called my husband, and he told me where it was — and I found it! I am sooo relieved!! Whew — talking about hitting the heights and depths in one morning!!!

16 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. I hope you find the ring!

    That is so funny about the sand cutter. I was at Wal-M last night and saw one on an end cap that somebody must have laid down. I don’t think I would purchase one either (though my youngest two would probably like it), but I was thinking that it was really CUTE. 🙂

  2. What a story on the ring. I love it. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry but do have happy endings. Ya know who would want to have a sandwich cutter? I just want the sandwich to eat? Go to all that work and poof it’s gone in minutes. But isn’t that true with every meal that is cooked. LOL. Snow in March…amazing. Spring can’t come to fast if you ask me…oh wait, I live in Hawai’i…LOL

  3. Awwwww… I’m so glad you found the ring! Too bad your sister ruined the surprise though! LOL! Surprises don’t often go RIGHT though… I might get a set of those sandwich cutters. They ARE cute. I wonder how well they work.

  4. I’m so glad you found the ring! That would have been a real heartbreaker to me, to think of it discarded with the wrapping paper.

    It’s snowy here too, but when I opened the front door to let the dog out this morning, a cardinal was singing! It was uplifting, truly.

  5. Barbara,

    Love those sandwich cutters. I will have to get those. And I literally let out a sigh of relief as I read how your ring saga unfolded into a happy ending, even though the surprise was ruined. I hope you aren’t disappointed with the ruined surprise.

  6. I am so glad you found the ring. My heart broke when I read that it was missing. The spoiling of the surprise was minor in comparison to your distress over the loss.

  7. Oh my! What a happy ending to that story. I could just tell you were so heartsick about possibly losing the ring. I know how that feels as I really did lose the wedding rings that my mom and my birth father wore (he passed away when I was 2). She gave them to me and I wore them for at least 15 years of our marriage before losing them. I’ll forever regret it, tho’ my husband has bought be another beautiful set.
    So happy that you ‘found’ them!

  8. Ohhhh, I’m so glad you found your ring, even if the surprise was ruined! It’s a treasure!

    My family there in SC are getting snow too. It’s been so amazing this winter. All of you have been getting snow, and here I sit in Canada with nice warm temps (relatively speaking – definitely not cold enough for snow). Global warming indeed! LOL

  9. Thanks for the comment. My husband says my blog is dead. In defiance, I’ll probably write a post soon. I think I’m trying to decide where I want my blog to go, what I want it to be (and therefore what to write). I’ve composed about 30 posts in my head but haven’t written one. Oh well! I think it’s good that I’m trying to live life at the moment though I’d like a record of some of the things my kids do. 🙂

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