Am I the only one who…

  • Wonders if having an adult dressed in a mascot costume waving at people in front of a business actually brings any more customers into a business?
  • Does NOT like roosters in decorating? I don’t understand that phenomenon. Ugly creatures.
  • Does not like flavors of one food in the texture of another? Like Taco soup. I love tacos and soup — but a soup that tastes like a taco doesn’t appeal to me.
  • Does not like bagels. The outside is too hard. I had one on a plane and dug out the softer innards and wondered what the appeal was.
  • Thinks pictures of babies with food all over them are only cute if it’s your baby?
  • Is tired of milk mustache ads?

I frittered away my morning with several fragments of thoughts for blog posts, but couldn’t seem to develop anything, so I decided to go with randomness. 🙂 Reading back over the list, a lot of it sounds gripy, and it isn’t meant to sound that way. It’s meant to be fun.

My primary focus this week was supposed to have been getting plans for decorations and favors for our annual ladies’ luncheon firmly in place so that we could work on them at the ladies’ meeting Monday, but I have been a little fragmented there as well. I’ve had some ideas and I’ve looked around online to see if anyone else had already done anything along the lines and found some neat stuff. I just need everything to coalesce in my brain and then make some samples and get materials ready.

I don’t know why I am feeling so fragmented and having such a hard time getting in gear this week, Maybe I am still recuperating from last week’s trip. Maybe it’s allergy brain — the pollen is the worst it has been here in a long time. This is a dark green car but looks yellow under all the pollen:

I’m not one who usually wishes for rainy days, but I am today. It would be so nice to have everything rinsed off, if only for a little while.

Then again, maybe I am just making excuses and need to take myself by the scruff of the neck and get myself going.

Maybe. But I think I’ll go see what we have for lunch first.


14 thoughts on “Am I the only one who…

  1. Barbara,

    I am not one who likes baby with food in their mouth pictures, even if the baby is mine! 🙂 My relatives were appalled I didn’t let Baby just “dig into” her birthday cake for her first birthday… 🙂

    Do I detect a hint of picky-ness in your eating?! 😉

    A fun post — thanks for voicing out some of my deepest thoughts that I don’t let onto others… ;o)

  2. Hmmm, I like bagels, taco soup, and roosters. However, I do not like taco pizza and I don’t like pizza soup ….

    As for keeping my thoughts in order, what was the question?

    Nap. I want a nap. Breakfast first though. One should always start the day with a good breakfast.

  3. Hmmm some very good points you make. 🙂 I’m so with you and the milk mustache ads. Way tooo much already. That’s like the Gecko for Geico Enough already. I think sometimes we do have to force ourselves to do stuff. As much as we’d like not to it’s about the only way to get it done. 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  4. I like bagels… don’t mind roosters… never had taco soup.

    I’m with you on the baby food and didn’t know peeps were gendered. (uggh) The waving mascot one really made me giggle! The effect on me is usually to make me want to run in the other direction…

  5. Ohhhh I AM gripy… and make NO mistake about it! It’s the pollen’s fault! I don’t have many allergies – but OAK is my biggest – and this year it is KICKING my booty! I am miserable! There… I said it on YOUR blog… now I don’t have to say it on MINE! LOL! 😉

    By the way… my dark gray car appears lemon-green too!

    My kitchen at our old house was decorated in roosters! I had JUST decorated it in roosters after our wedding in August, when my husband decided to SELL our house in November! It sold the first day on the market … so I assume someone else liked roosters too. I know I sure didn’t get to enjoy them for long! LOL! 🙂 Real ones ARE ugly creatures though… you’re right! I don’t know HOW they came to be considered great decorating… I guess they WREAK country! But sOme of them are quite artsy! I would NOT want any running around my yard though…

    Bagels are WONDERFUL Barbara… you just can’t eat them on the AIRPLANE! You have to buy them at Einsteins, then take them home and toast them, or soften them in the microwave… OR you can buy the already soft kind from the grocery store! OR… you can be THRILLED you don’t LIKE them – because they are probably the most fattening grain on the planet!

    I did not know that about peeps… where have I BEEN all my life???

  6. I see that you spelled phenomenon right the first time! (I even had to copy/paste it from your post just to write it here!)
    Thanks for the Peeps shout out–when I saw them at the store it just cracked me up.
    I know what you mean about the costumes. I’ll be happy when tax season is over. I’d prefer seeing Ms. Liberty in all her true glory in New York, not on our street corners doing a jig!
    (the latest Burger King commercial is quite lame as well)
    And speaking of babies–well, not actually babies–but food on faces. I have a hard time with the Carls Jr. burger commercials. Not appealing to me at all. Which is probably why I’ve not eaten one.
    I didn’t think you were griping at all. Just stating some personal opinions.
    I hope it rained for you today for some relief!
    God bless.

  7. My mother in law decorates in roosters:). I’ve never felt the need to do that. However, when I was a kid one of our dear family friends had a kitchen full of roosters, so they bring back fond memories.

    I do like bagels but don’t eat them often. They’re tough on the outside because they’re boiled before they’re baked.

    And I greatly dislike dirty baby photos. I’ve been seeing snot and puke baby photos on blogs. EWWW! That’s just nasty.

  8. Nothing wrong with this post.
    Usually when I feel that way, I just read. That way, I can escape myself for a while. I think I have the art of procrastination down pat.
    Hope your weekend is great.
    Mama Bear

  9. Love this post, Barbara! Good thing we don’t all do things the same way.

    Since I’ve been unemployed, it’s harder to accomplish things. I feel like I have plenty of time so I don’t start things very early. And then the day has just disappeared! I’m learning to do it better.

    And I adore bagels! LOL!

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