The Week in Words — under new management

I mentioned last week that Melissa was no longer able to host “The Week In Words” and that I was thinking of taking it up. I had just about decided not to, as there didn’t seem to be that much interest, but then Janet wrote me this morning asking if I was going to. So I decided to give it a try. I have never hosted a meme before, so this will be a learning experience!

One disadvantage is that does not support any kind of a “linky” system. Participants would need to leave their links in the comments, and I could also come back through the day and make a list within the post of those participating. This is how the various hosts of Poetry Friday usually do it, and it can work well. Thanks to Quilly, I did discover there is one Mr. Linky code that will work with the free hosted WordPress blogs.! we go!

As I have mentioned before, I love quotes: I keep a file for them on my computer, underline them in books, put a sticky tab at the top of  pages to remind me where they are. Sometimes it’s due to the succinctness and depth of truth in them, sometimes just the way it is worded causes me to think differently or more deeply about something. Sometimes I think, “I never thought about it quite that way.” Other times my response is, “That’s it exactly: that’s just how I thought, only he/she expressed it better.” If quotes affect you the same way, if something you read this past week  inspired you, caused you to laugh, cry, think, dream, or just resonated with you in some way, please share it with us.

I am struggling not to put the whole May 5 reading from Our Daily Walk by F. B. Meyer today: it’s good, and I encourage you to read it. But I think this quote will stand out better just by itself in this post. In discussing not shrinking from a loving heavenly Father’s will because it might be painful, Meyer says:

You will only lose what you would gladly give up if you know as much as God does of what promotes soul-health.

We’re so reluctant to give up anything or go through any changes, but sometimes what we cling to, what the Father is trying to pry from our clutched hands (or probably more accurately, what He is patiently waiting for us to release to Him),  is actually what is stunting our spiritual growth and health.

I’ll just leave that one quote today since I had so much else to say, but the May 7 reading about forgiveness is excellent as well. 🙂

I’m looking forward to reading what has inspired you this week. At this point I do have one major request: please keep it family-friendly. Thanks!

1. Janet
2. Susanne
3. Susan
4. Sekyoushi
5. Mama Bear

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16 thoughts on “The Week in Words — under new management

  1. I linked to you! I like your button and used it too.

    I thought of you often as I was reading ‘Hearing God.’ Dallas Willard quoted F.B. Meyer several times and seemed to regard him as such a wise and authoritative figure. This is a great quote you give; it takes any sting out of the idea of surrender.

  2. I AM glad you decided to pick it up again…even though I haven’t really participated in it. For me it’s hard to consider doing a meme every day of the week, which is easy to succumb to!! Plus, I tend to just highlight the passages that I’ve read and connected with and include them in my book reviews. Still, that aside, I thought this meme was a really great idea and I’ll pop in every now and again with something.

    • I struggle with that, too — I don’t want my blog to become all or even mostly memes, but I do find them a good way to get to know people of like interests.

  3. Thanks for your quote and link to ‘Our Daily Walk’ which I have now bookmarked. I did enjoy the 5 May and today in fact. I have not been doing much reading lately but love the idea so will keep this meme in mind and will definitely pop in for a read.

  4. Barbara — you know I don’t do this meme, but I always read your posts and keep interesting books in mind. I think you can use Mr. Linky to hook up. When you choose your Mr. Linky widget you have to choose, “wizard” then “” then “image linkys” then “get code”. This is a free service. I use it for 3WT.

    You’ll find Mr. Linky here:

    • Well whatdaya know! The WP support forums said the free wp blogs that were hosted by wp would not support it, but evidently the Linky folks made a code that would work with this system since the last time I looked.

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  6. Well you did a great job, I really enjoyed it, I am not sure what meme is but I do scripture in mine most days, very seldom does one post go by with out some scripture or at least something that would glorify the lord. I truely enjoy this and will be back dear, and my Name is Barbara H. too, hugs

    • Nice to meet another Barbara! I need to be more clear next time, but the idea of the meme is to share a quote from something you read, whether from a book, a blog, a Facebook page — anything you thought was funny, pithy, wise, convicting, or whatever.

  7. Well GOOD for you! Taking on a meme to hostess! I’m going off to read your two recommended devotionals… but I gotta tell ya – don’t you get me HOOKED on ’em — I already have 3 devotionals that I read daily – and a few others I read from time to time! LOL!

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