A cool breeze on a hot day

A kind word

A good play in Scrabble


A thing of beauty — a flower, a painting, a lovely piece of music


A good book

The perfect word or phrase to describe something


Crossing things off a to-do list

Someone unexpectedly doing something for you, unasked

Finding just what you need in good time while shopping


Counting my blessings

Being a help to someone

Being ministered to from the Word of God…even when it points out my flaws.

Just a few quick thoughts for the day — I’m off to get some things accomplished and will visit with you later on. Have a GREAT day!

8 thoughts on “Spirit-lifters

  1. Those are all wonderful things.

    I’d add
    …a comfortable chair in a cool room
    …a child’s voice calling your name
    …the tiredness that comes after working hard

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