So High the Price

One of my Christmas gifts that I’ve been nearly wearing out already is a CD by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team titled So High the Price. I know some of you aren’t familiar with the Pettits, but some of you are. They find songs that have such depth in the words paired with wonderful melodies that bring out the message of the song, and the singing and orchestration just all meld together into music that almost always touches my heart and draws me into worship of God. The title song was new to me but the words engaged me on the first hearing. I was all prepared to tell you that since it is fairly new, there wasn’t a full version of the song online, just a snippet, but I was delighted to find the a video of the Pettit Team singing this song on YouTube. May you be blessed by it as much as I was and continue to be.

So High the Price

Lord of Glory, reigning in His Majesty,
Ruling long before the worlds formed.
Yet when darkness claimed His own,
He stepped from Heaven’s throne
To bear a cross, and wear a crown of thorns.

So high the price He paid, the nails the cross, the grave.
Such pardon He bestowed, such grace He showed.
No greater sacrifice, He gave His very life.
So deep His love, so high the Price.

Son of God so willingly He took our place,
Clothed in robes of frail humanity.
Fragile flesh and blood, priceless crimson blood
Offered up for sin at Calvary.

Buried, like a beggar in a borrowed tomb,
Everything for nothing, so it seemed.
But death could never stand
Against the nail-scarred hands,
And power of Heaven’s resurrected King!

So high the price He paid, the nails, the cross, the grave,
Such pardon He bestowed, such grace He showed.
No greater sacrifice, He gave His very life.
So deep the love, so high the price.
So deep the love, so high the price.

Words and music by Deborah Cruise Bailey and Marty Funderburk

12 thoughts on “So High the Price

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this video. The Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team did a wonderful job with our song. For those who would be interested, there is a choral version of “So High the Price” available through Word Music (arranged and orchestrated by Camp Kirkland). A soundtrack and orchestra parts are also available.

    • A beautiful praise to our God, who shows the love of Christ towards us, being sinners.

      I am from Mexico, I would like to translate it into Spanish to be a blessing for Spanish speaking people.

      How can I have permission?
      It would be a great blessing I am sure to carry the plan of salvation.

      God bless you

      • Pablo, I am one of the writers of this song – you don’t need permission to translate it into your language. You only need permission to record the song or to print the lyric for commercial purposes. Anyone needing licenses for those purposes would need to visit our copyright administrator’s website:

  2. Love the songs that are so rich with truths from the gospel! I had never heard this one before but enjoyed it so much, what wonderful words to start my day!

    Thank you again for the wonderful books that you sent me for the book swap! Your generosity is above and beyond!! I posted about the books in my last entry. :o)

  3. It always gives me great joy to see songs I’ve had a small part in creating go out to places I could never share it myself. The Pettit team took this song all over the world, I believe, and I am humbled and grateful! Thanks so much for sharing it here on your site. God’s best blessings to you! Deborah Cruise Bailey

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