Spring Reading Thing 2011 Wrap-Up

It’s hard to fathom that summer is just now officially starting since life has been feeling pretty summery for a few weeks now. But the end of spring brings with it the end of Katrina‘s annual Spring Reading Thing! It’s time to share how we did with the goals we set back at the beginning of spring and link our wrap-up posts here.

Here is what I completed:


On my original list:

A Walk In the Park and A Long Walk Home by Barbara Andrews, reviewed here. Very sweet, tender story.

Faithful by Kim Cash Tate. Excellent! Three friends in different situations learn what it means to be faithful despite the serious problems they face, reviewed here.

Leaving by Karen Kingsbury, first in a new series with Bailey Flanigan from previous series. A short review is here.

The Judgment by Beverly Lewis, second in The Rose Trilogy, reviewed here. Two Amish sisters  make very different choices and then have to deal with the consequences.

An Unlikely Blessing by Judy Baer, about a new pastor over two churches with eccentric characters who don’t always get along. Short review here.

Love Finds You in Camelot, Tennessee by Janice Hanna, cute romantic comedy about a city official who tries to save her town by putting on the musical of the same name, short review here.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, an all-time favorite, reviewed here.


Mine Is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs, reviewed here. Based on the story of Ruth but set in 18th century Scotland.

The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh, based on a true story of a newlywed couple whose ship sunk on their honeymoon, reviewed here. Sounds depressing, but it wasn’t. 🙂

Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner, “a tale of two Janes,” a modern-day Jane who finds a ring in her antique store that may have belonged to Lady Jane Grey. One of my favorites from this year. Reviewed here.

Words by Ginny Yttrup excellent, one of my favorite books so far this year, reviewed here. The first pages grabbed me and the rest of the book held me. Though the subject of child abuse is a hard one to read, the redemptive story is excellent.


Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter, compiled by Nancy Guthrie. Excellent.

A Novel Idea: Everything You Need to Know about Writing Inspirational Fiction, reviewed here.

10 Gospel Promises For Later Life by Jane Marie Thibault, reviewed here. Sadly, I cannot recommend this due to serious theological errors. Greatly disappointing especially since the premise was good.

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church by Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt, reviewed here.

I’m also about half-way through Goforth of China by Rosalind Goforth, not on my original list. I’ve read it multiple times but just wanted to read it again: this is one of my most highly recommended books.

So, in summary, I did finish my original goals plus I added in a few others. I know some people read way more than I do, but I am satisfied with my list. If I read faster I wouldn’t get as much out of what I read. I did enjoy discovering several new authors as well as visiting with familiar ones. My two favorites were Words by Ginny Yttrup and Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner. The least favorite was 10 Gospel Promises for Later Life by Jane Marie Thibault.

I always enjoy the opportunity to be a bit more purposeful in my reading goals through this challenge rather than just grabbing whatever I am in the mood for (though I enjoy doing that, too!)  And I enjoy visiting with other readers to see what they read and what they thought about it. I almost always find new titles to add to my to-be-read list. Thanks to Katrina for hosting this fun challenge every year!

11 thoughts on “Spring Reading Thing 2011 Wrap-Up

  1. That’s quite a long and good list, Barbara. I love Katrina’s challenges because it helps me do like you: be a bit more purposeful in my reading goals. It always amazes me when I keep track with how many books I actually do get read.

    I always love seeing your reading list and reviews. Thanks!

  2. I’ve already picked a couple from your list that I want to read! I’ve read one of Susan Meissner’s before, The Shape of Mercy, but I want to read Lady in Waiting! I’ve heard a lot about Words. I’m going to check out your review. Congratulations on finishing well! Happy reading!

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