Tell me why I should get an iProduct.

Ipod? Ipad? Iphone? What do you use? What do you like and dislike?

What prompted me to ask is that I have a birthday coming up and I was thinking of asking for an iPod so that I could listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks wherever I am. But it is an expensive device to have just for that one purpose, and I do have radios and CD players in most rooms of the house. I know there is an ap for almost anything one could think of — so what else do you use your iPod for?

One son thinks I should get an iPad. I could definitely see it better (important at my stage of life), but then easy portability is lost since it is so much bigger. I couldn’t tuck it into purse or pocket.

Does an iPhone do everything an iPod does? Maybe it would be best to just get an upgrade to my phone.

I await your experiential opinions. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Tell me why I should get an iProduct.

  1. I have been wanting an Ipad, but the cost for internet connection is like a smartphone, and I didn’t want any more monthly charges….so I’m still waiting. Your ipod idea is really nice if music is what you want, it stores so much more music than you can even imagine, and you can get one of those speaker docks and have an ongoing unlimited playlist (of that marvelous music you share so often) without having to go around with the buds in your ears.
    Let us know what you end up with ~

  2. Jonathan bought “me” an iPad when I was pregnant and sick and having trouble being out of bed. I didn’t think much of his suggestion at the time BUT it ended up being AWESOME. I had the ability to check e-mail and such, games to play while I was laying around (Long live Angry Birds! If you get an iPad, play Angry Birds, and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about!)

    Now that I’m NOT pregnant I still find it incredibly useful. As you say – it’s portable. When we’ve gone on trips we take it in the car and it keeps the boys entertained by playing movies and games. It’s nice in hotels, etc. with wireless. (If you really want to stay THAT connected!)

    Most days though I don’t get to sit down with it until the end of the day and by then I’m lucky if it has some battery left. “My” gift is very popular. 😉

    I am now a fan of the iPad. (Plus the screen is bigger which makes staring at it easier.)

  3. Aloha Barbara. As you know I’m a fanatic with Mac, a fanboy I guess you could say. Any “i” product would be great for you. The iPhone is the bomb and you can do everything with it but it is small. If it were me I would ask for the iPad but I would wait until fall to request the gift because Apple is suppose to release an updated version to both the iPhone and iPad. Of course this is speculation as it could be the beginning of next year but we didn’t get a new iPhone in June like we have the last four years so it is definitely coming. Same with the new iPad. You would love the iPad. It’s so cool and does everything. You have my email address so email me with any questions you might have and I’ll help you. Even when you get it if you decide you can’t wait and want one now I’ll help you. I’m so happy to hear you are thinking to get something. The only product I don’t have is the iPod as my iPhone and iPad do everything they can. I would be lost without them.

  4. I have an iPod and I absolutely love it! I use it most as a radio in the iPod dock/speaker thing we have. I have an app called TuneIn that has a lot of stations that I like, including BBN. I use my iPod for my PayPal account, email, reading blogs, getting maps, playing games like Scrabble (the app for Scrabble has a teacher feature!) and other games, weather reports, news, Facebook, as a pedometer, audio books, Twitter, prayer list – and my favorite, the Blue Letter Bible app, which has the Bible, dictionaries, commentaries, and a concordance all at my fingertips.

    Our church gave Wes an iPad for his birthday in May, and I must say I love that too. The only thing I would miss by having that instead of my laptop is the ability to upload pictures to it. One of your sons could probably tell you the pros and cons of having an iPad vs. an iPod. We gave our son an iPad for his college graduation and he absolutely loves it. He is traveling this summer, and his phone company gives him a certain amount of 3G for a flat rate, and he hasn’t had any problems staying within that limit so far. Wes preaches from his (notes and Bible on it), and Samuel takes notes in church on his – probably preaches from it too.

    I think you’ll love having an “iProduct!” They really are user-friendly, and there is an app for just about everything out there.

  5. Well, I’m not an “iLady,” so my recommendation will probably be different! I have a PC and no other Apple products, but I did get an iTouch for two specific reasons– to be able to check email (which I can’t do on my phone) and to put music on so I can easily play it in the car. And it is SO easy to use in the car. When we travel, it’s easy to check my email on my iTouch without hauling a laptop along. You know what? I think you have to find what works for you, “i” or not!

    • That’s what I am trying to do…I’m trying to get info. from real-life users rather than just reading the ads in order to learn what they’re all about so I can make a more informed decision.

  6. Your questions may have already been answered before I read this post. But I’ll way in.
    I have an MP3 player which isn’t by Mac so therefore isn’t an ipod. I don’t use it because until lately my usb ports didn’t work and I couldn’t charge it. I thought it would be good for air travel but the noise of the airplane drowned my music. I have a laptop so I listen to music on it by earphone when I don’t want to disturb anyone.
    My grandson has an ipad. It is small and he does enjoy it. The keypad is on the screen so it is small. His isn’t internet connected unless his Dad is available to monitor so I’m not sure how much he would use that. His sister has a small computer, I think its a netbook.
    Yes, an iphone can be like an ipod. You can download music to it and listen just like with the ipod. My daughter even connects her iphone to the stereo so we can listen to it that way. I love my iphone. I don’t utilize all of the capabilities but I still love it because I can check my email anytime without the computer and I can use the internet to search for info.
    You can use an ipad to watch videos and movies and download books. They say you can do it on iphone but the screen is too small for me to enjoy that.
    I am excited to learn what you decide.
    Mama Bear

  7. I don’t have any iThings, but my husband has an iPhone. We’re going to lose our land line and switch to a cell, and so I’ll be getting one too. It’s handy to have internet access for the maps (it’s given us alternative routes in construction zones a couple of times already) and while shopping; I tried on some hiking boots a few weeks ago in a store, and then asked my husband to see if they could be bought cheaper online — and of course they could.

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  9. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an i-pod, you can buy a shuffle for around $50. I love downloading sermons or stories to my i-tunes on my computer and listening to them wherever I go. The shuffle just clips on my pocket and is very small so it doesn’t get in my way when exercising, etc. You might want to browse through and I-pads are wonderful–especially if you need to entertain grandkids, look at pics, etc, but a laptop is much easier to type on. All apple products are very user friendly!


  10. I’m sure you don’t need another opinion, but I’m reading your blog and commenting using my iPod Touch. :-). DH has an iPad and it’s handy to be able to use the Internet without being tied to our desktop computer. Then again, they also create the problem of constant connectedness. 🙂

  11. I used the Shuffle for several years, enjoying having it clipped to my collar or sleeve as I worked out in the garden or did chores around the house. When my roomie bought a new computer for school, Apple threw in an iPod Touch. It didn’t hold as much music as my iPod Classic, but I could sync up all our emails to it and do a quick check from elsewhere in the house. I could read PDF books on the screen pretty comfortably and, of course, play music and audiobooks. Because of its screen, though, it ran out of battery power much faster than the Shuffle or the iPod Classic. I can’t afford or justify the price of an iPad so I haven’t considered it.

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