Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

One friend’s Facebook update said, “Ladies, start your ovens!”

Yep, it will be that kind of day!

But first we have to go to the airport: Jeremy was due in last night but one leg of the flight was delayed and another cancelled, so he is coming in this morning. At least he was told all of that at the outset, so he was able to reschedule and go home to sleep in his own bed rather than having to spend the night in an airport somewhere. So excited to see him! And to have the family all together.

The first year or two of blogging, I shared a lot of material from my files during holidays. I thought I’d share the links here, if you’d like a bit of inspirational or funny Thanksgiving reading in-between pie-baking and such. 🙂

Thanksgiving devotional reading.
Thanksgiving Bible Study
Some Thanksgiving quotes are here.
More Thanksgiving quotes are here.
Thanksgiving “funnies” are here and A “Redneck Thanksgiving” is here.
Thanksgiving poems are here and More Thanksgiving poems are here.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara!

    It’s great to know that your son got to know about the cancellation beforehand. Do enjoy your family time together! 🙂

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