“You never know what a day will bring forth”

This is what my mother-in-law said, paraphrasing Proverbs 27:1, in her emergency room bed this morning.

She’s fine, but her oxygen level was low and the nurse at her place thought her color was off, so they called her doctor and he told them to call an ambulance. She was pretty scared about the ambulance, but an excellent EMT seemed to really make a connection with her and had her laughing and joking, so by the time we got to the ER she was in a pretty good mood.

They did a variety of lab work and diagnosed that she had bronchitis and a urinary tract infection and sent her home with an antibiotic. What was sad was that, after getting her home and settled, Jim mentioned the antibiotic, and she asked why she needed one.  When he mentioned the ER and ambulance, she didn’t remember it at all. Maybe that’s for the best, but it is disturbing that her memory is deteriorating that much. Or it may be just that she was so shaken up by the events of the morning that her memory wasn’t working well. When anything unroutine happens it tends to have an effect on her both mentally and physically.

My poor dear husband got the call about the ER just as he was getting off an overnight flight from LA. While he was at LAX last night, the power for the airport suddenly went out. That would be unsettling! They did have emergency lighting and were able to use the PA system, but of course couldn’t process flights. Thankfully everything was back up to speed by the time his flight left, so he wasn’t delayed. It’s funny the things you don’t think about the power affecting — he had been in the restroom when the lights went out, and the little automatic flushers and faucets didn’t work without electricity. We leaned later the power outage was due to Santa Ana winds.

So he’s had a very long 20 hours or so. But thankfully he was able to sleep on the plane, so he’s doing ok. But I am sure he’ll be glad to be in his own bed tonight.

The couple of different posts I was contemplating for today will have to keep til next week. Looking forward tonight to Turkey Bone Soup, one of the best things about the days after Thanksgiving!

10 thoughts on ““You never know what a day will bring forth”

  1. Oh, I’m sorry you all had to go through all that. But I’m glad they were able to give your m-i-l an antibiotic and I pray she will recover quickly. I discovered when my mom was in assisted living that the nurses were pretty quick to call an ambulance and ship her off to the E.R., but I guess they’re doing what they think is best for everyone. But the hospital visits can be pretty brutal experiences for all involved. I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight yourself!

    • Thanks for mentioning that, Lisa — it’s good to know that’s common. We did think they were jumping the gun a bit and felt just a visit to her regular dr. would have sufficed, but on the other hand, it was nice to get everything done there, whereas if the dr. wanted to send her for an x-ray, she would have had to to two separate places.

  2. Glad they figured it out with your Mother-in-law. This has to be hard on all of you seeing her that way, but thank God she has you to be there with her.
    Turkey bone soup sounds delicious, especially since today we’re getting our first real snow for the season. Baby, it’s cold outside!

  3. I’m very glad for a manageable diagnosis. I always feel a renewed respect and pride when I see my husband respond to a crisis, and this makes me wonder if you do too. Your husband really rose to the occasion!

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