Allow me to introduce…

For a while now I’ve been wanting to introduce you to a few bloggers, some fairly new, whom I actually knew “in real life” before they started blogs.

Lou Ann at In the Way is a missionary with her husband in Spain. I haven’t met her in person, but we’ve had multitudes of e-mails as I worked with the Ladies Missionary Fellowship at our former church, and we’ve kept communicating since! I have met her daughter, though, when she spoke to our ladies’ group once. Lou Ann is in the process of getting her book, His Ways, Your Walk, published, and I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

Mary Beth at Annapolis Online is a sweet young mom of a lovely family. I first knew her when her family came to the church where we used to live in SC, and she was in the last year or two of high school then. She married a young man from our youth group, and a year or two later I was privileged to give the devotional at her baby shower. I think that might be the only time I’ve been asked to do that, and I enjoyed it, though it made me very nervous. The subtitle of her blog is Creativity in the Everyday, and that’s mainly what she writes about: neat, creative homey things. She inspires me in many ways.

Susannah at Learning to See is another sweet young wife and mom. She was in the youth group with my older boys and now is the wife of a medical student and the mom of one baby girl. She writes about what she’s learning in her walk with the Lord as well as an occasional recipe or observation, etc.

Debbie at Purple Grandma is a missionary wife in Canada, and I’ve known her family for years, since early married days. She blogs mainly about missionary biographies and other Christian books with an occasional devotional thought or two.

Michael at Sovereign Ostomy attends the church where we currently go, and his wife is a lovely, sweet example of a Christian wife and mom. The blog’s kind of odd title came from Michael’s experience of having Crohn’s disease for years, since his teens, and the recent removal of his colon. In his research before and since his ostomy, he had not found anything on the topic from a Biblical perspective, and he wanted to write from that viewpoint. His is profitable reading not only for those who have had the types of trials he has dealt with, but also for anyone who has had any kind of trial or knows someone who has.

Paul at Piano Animato also attends the church where we do now and is a wonderful pianist. He blogs mainly about music.

All of the above are fairly newish bloggers, I think. But while I am writing about people I knew before I started reading their blogs, I’ll go ahead and mention a few others who have been blogging for a while and whom I may have mentioned before.

Ann at From Sinking Sand and I have known each other since college days, got reacquainted on an online Christian forum, and then started reading each other’s blogs. We found out we were only about 45 minutes away from each other, and we saw each other once a year when my boys were playing basketball and we played her school. Ann has been an English teacher in a Christian high school for years and writes about teaching, education, family, and general observations about life.

Rita at The Jungle Hut was a missionary in the jungles of Venezuela for years until her family had to leave, and now they minister in Paraguay. Our church in SC supported them as well, but I didn’t know she had a blog until another friend, Susan at By Grace, mentioned her friend Rita, and I realized it was the same Rita I knew. Rita can be quite funny and a little saucy, and she writes mainly about missions and sometimes about life in general and politics.

And though she hasn’t blogged in a while, I wanted to mention Bet at Dappled Things, too. I think we knew each other in college — I knew who she was, anyway — and she had my oldest son in a class she taught. We got acquainted, or reacquainted, in the same online Christian forum I mentioned before. She teaches journalism and related courses at a Christian university and oversees the student newspaper there. I’m hoping maybe her summer schedule will let her blog again. 😀

I think that’s it, though I hope I am not leaving anyone out. If you’re looking for good online reading on any of these topics, I can vouch for the fact that these are good folks.

5 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce…

  1. I know Lou Ann! She used to cut my hair in college. 🙂 And our church supported them for many years. Will start reading her blog for sure.

  2. Thank you, Barbara, for introducing me to your blogging friends. I am enjoying reading their blogs, too!

  3. I love learning about other people’s blogs! I read Bet’s sister’s blog, Mountain Musings (Deb). Deb and I have been blog friends since shortly after I started mine a little over 6 years ago. I’ll definitely be checking out these!

  4. Barbara, I’m hoping also! You’re always an encouragement to get back at it. And Ann too–! You all have been faithful to keep at it. Thanks for the prod!!! 😉

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