Odds and ends

  • I had a thoroughly lovely Mother’s Day. I’ll probably wait to say more about it on the Friday’s Fave Five post so as not to repeat myself. I’m so thankful for all my family does to honor me on that day.
  • With all the busyness of the last few weeks and the weekend to come, and feeling a little tired and brain dead Saturday and Monday, I indulged myself by watching North and South on Netflix. I was dismayed at first that it was a four-hour series broken up into 1-hour segments: I had thought it was a 2 hour or so movie. But it would’ve left out a lot to condense it down to 2 hours, and the format did help to watch it in pieces. I had listened to the audiobook version of the book earlier this year and really enjoyed it. There were some changes in the film, some very unnecessary (there was no scene in the book with a worker smoking in the mill and Mr. Thornton beating him — they didn’t really need to toss that in to provide more differences of opinion and feeling between him and Margaret. I don’t think Mr. Thornton was described as handsome in the book. Their end meeting wasn’t happenstance at a train station, etc.), but overall I enjoyed it quite a bit. I really liked the actor who played Higgins — he had a kind face and a twinkle in his eyes (except when he was angry over the strike situation).
  • I had also checked out the DVD of Ivanhoe from the library a few weeks ago, which I had wanted to see after listening to it on audiobook. It was condensed to less than two hours, and needed condensation, but of course much was changed in it as well. It was okay. While looking for this old film version (with Elizabeth Taylor as Rebecca), I saw this one with Anthony Andrews. I had caught just a part of this one on TV once, and I loved Andrews as The Scarlet Pimpernel, so I’m going to have to see if Netflix or the library has this one.
  • This is Jesse’s last week of high school. In thinking about all the “lasts” of this year — not only a son graduating, but the last of my kids to do so — one that hadn’t occurred to me was making the last school lunch. That’ll be Thursday. Sniff….
  • I have my yearly physical coming up in a few weeks and had the lab work for it done last week. I got the results last Friday. My thyroid stuff is low, my “good” cholesterol is low, but my triglycerides, overall cholesterol, and”bad” cholesterol are all high as well as my fasting blood sugar, the first time that’s been the case since I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy (but something I’ve been fearing since my mom developed Type II diabetes.) None of them are real high, and the sugar is not in diabetic range (116 when it’s supposed to be around 100), but I’m sure I’ll be getting a good talking-to at my next visit and will have to make some changes.
  • I’ve been reading over at Do Not Depart for the last few months since my blog friend Lisa writes there some times and refers to it often. They’ve been sharing Ebenezer stories the last few weeks and are inviting readers to share theirs as well tomorrow. I’ve just been working on a post for that — what a blessing to recall God’s hand at work in my life! I invite you to see what’s it’s all about and consider sharing yours as well.

8 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. You’re making me tear up thinking about all those “lasts.” Jenna picked up her cap and gown today for graduation on Saturday, and I must say I did NOT like seeing her in it; too sad. Nonetheless, life will go on.

    So glad you’ll be sharing an Ebenezer story! I’ll look forward to reading it.

  2. In defense of the beating scene at the mill in “North and South”…there was a rash of mill fires in this time period that were positively devastating. One spark in that fluff-laden environment could be very, very dangerous. One fire I recall from Michael’s history book resulted in the loss of all lives within the building, due to windows and some exits being blocked by machinery, as well as exit doors actually being locked to prevent workers from taking breaks. Tragically sad. No doubt his character would have been aware of these events, and my son recognized that this (albeit over the top) behavior could easily have been motivated by fear of the potential of this happening at his mill. Just some thoughts.

    • Yes, I can see that — he even mentions many people dying in an accidental mill fire a few years earlier. But it wasn’t in the book and seemed to me to be added just to heighten their differences and make him even less likeable to her at first. Perhaps they were just adding it in as a historical sidelight, though.

  3. I look forward to Friday and reading more about your Mother’s Day. I’m glad that you had a nice one.
    Thinking of you making Jesse’s last school lunch makes me want to complain a lot less about making my boys lunches every day. It goes by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it? Happy Graduation to Jesse!! What an exciting time in his life.

    • I have to confess I don’t usually feel all warm and fuzzy about making school lunches, but realizing they were coming to an end kind of hit me right between the eyes.

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