I mentioned last week that I’d be scarce for a bit. I hadn’t meant for that to continue. I’m mainly catching up from last week’s busyness. Still have housework to catch up on; sudden cold weather has me scrambling to get my winter clothes out of boxes, washed, and ready to wear; I just had Jesse get my fall decorations down from the attic this morning, so I hope to at least change the spring arrangement out front for a fall one.

On a side note, I wonder why I have more winter clothes than spring/summer ones, when I like the spring and summer ones better, and more dressy than casual ones when I wear casual more often?

On another side note, I learned the hard way NOT to use old fabric softener. I usually use the dryer sheets but keep liquid fabric softener on hand for those things that can’t go in the dryer, but don’t use it that often. Several of my wintery clothes fit that category, and when I went to pour the fabric softener in the washer, I noticed it was thick and gloppy but figured it would dissolve in water. It didn’t. It left snot-like globs all over the clothes even after several washings. I thought I’d never get rid of that stuff and ending up using most of my new bottle of detergent just rewashing that load. So there is your household tip for the day: if your liquid fabric softener has gotten excessively viscous, get rid of it.

I have a hankering to do some fall baking, but everyone in the family is trying to watch their weight (except Jesse and Mittu, because they don’t need to), so I have been refraining. But I did give in and make Choco-Peanut Butter Dreams last night. So good.

I finished one book that I am not inclined to review for various reasons and another audiobook that I think I will wait to discuss together with its sequels. Usually I am brimming over with blogging ideas and even have a running list where I have jotted some of them down, but for some reason I’ve been going blank when I try to think of what to blog, though I have been keeping up with the Reading Classics Together Challenge on Thursdays and Friday’s Fave Five on Saturdays. Maybe it’s more of a time for getting things done at home than blogging, but often as soon as I think I won’t have time or inspiration to blog, then ideas come flooding. 🙂

I have one more newspaper column, due in a couple of weeks, before this term is done, then I have to wait for a year to reapply for the “community guest columnist” position. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m also a little glad to be out from under the pressure. It has been good experience to write for a secular audience and with a word limit (blogging was supposed to be good writing practice for me, and it has been, but I do tend to be wordy. Cutting excess and making sentences really count has been a great exercise). Deciding what to do for the last one will be hard, as I have three columns almost ready and some half a dozen other ideas. This has me thinking of maybe pursuing other avenues of publication: magazines, perhaps.

I mentioned in my last Friday’s Fave Five than an extended family member recently had a crisis. I’ve e-mailed a handful of you the specifics. Things are stable for now but still shaky, and I’d appreciate your prayers especially for the spiritual needs involved. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. I can relate to what you say about drawing a blank with blogging ideas. I seem to be in a season like that too.

    I have been writing in my journal in the mornings, though, and trying to crank out three pages each day. Maybe that will prime the pump. 🙂

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