Thoughts about the election

After yesterday’s election, of course several thoughts are floating around my mind. I had another post planned for today but decided I’d pin some of these thoughts down.

1. Though I am disappointed in the presidential election results, “the powers that be are ordained of God” ~ Romans 1:13b. “[God] changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings” ~Daniel 2:21. If that is true for kings, I am sure it is true for other leaders. For reasons only He knows, He has allowed this administration to continue for another term. That doesn’t mean He approves of everything it does.

2. I think conservative Christians are more watchful and prayerful when someone is voted in with whom we have strong disagreements. When someone is voted in whose views are more in line with ours, we tend to sit back and relax.

3. Though I disagree with many of the president’s views and policies, I am instructed to be subject to him (unless his requirements violate Scripture) and to pray for him. These instructions were written while under a leadership much worse than anything we have ever seen in this country.

4. As I mentioned yesterday, government cannot change a human heart. Only God can do that. Many of the underlying issues affecting governmental policy (and the choices people make to vote for such policies) are a matter of heart. We need to be about the Father’s business of trying to lovingly lead people to Him and disciple them by teaching His Word.

5. The talking heads analyzing the election last night made the point that for conservatives to win office, they need to be more “electable,” and that would mean compromise. Compromise can be a good thing in some instances, a  bad thing in others. The type of compromises they are talking about are probably going to be the ones conservative Christians would be most opposed to. The fact that there are more people voting for those policies than against them, and the pressure will be on to compromise in those areas, highlights even more the need for us to be the salt and light we should be.

6. Government cannot meet all my needs or take care of all my responsibilities.

I do have some different posts planned: November is National Adoption Month, and I have at least a couple in relation to that, and I’ve finished some books I want to discuss. I’m looking forward to moving on and sharing some of these things in the days ahead.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts about the election

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