Laudable Linkage and Cute Videos

Here are a few interesting things seen around the Web this week:

Why We Read the Bible. “I have a burden for my people right now, just like I do for myself, that we get beyond propositions and Bible verses to Christ. I do not mean “get around” Bible verses, but “through” Bible verses to Christ, to the person, the living person, to know Him, cherish Him, treasure Him, enjoy Him, trust Him, be at home with Him.”

Ashamed of the Gospel, HT to Challies. I think most Christians have probably all had similar experiences.

A Kind Wife.

Why Don’t You Just Apologize? The last few paragraphs are especially good.

How Is Obedience a Gateway to Understanding the Gospel? I haven’t read of the gospel-centered-parenting type books, but the posts I have seen on the subject seem to downplay the need to teach and train children to obey. But this post shows how it actually goes hand-in-hand with teaching the gospel. Girltalk has been doing a series on gospel-centered parenting that has been refreshing.

Parenting as Storytelling. I enjoyed the video with Sally Lloyd Jones about stories in children’s lives. I’d disagree a bit with the comparison with video games: I’ve raised three boys who play them, and though sometimes they’ve spent more time with them than I have thought beneficial, they don’t come out of playing them as she describes.  But I would rather see them reading than playing them.

18 Ribbon and Fabric Storage Ideas.

This has got to be one of the cutest videos ever:

One of mine was drawn to puddles like that. Such pure joy!

My son shared these on Facebook: One dog teaching another how to go down the stairs.

And this is how cats do it…

Ha! And finally, a friend shared this on Facebook.


Rather amazing, isn’t it?

Happy Saturday!

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