Does anyone else…

…cringe at the thought of using book pages for crafts? Like these flowers or this Christmas tree? I like the way they look: I just hate the thought of tearing apart a book to make them. I suppose if the book is falling apart or I didn’t like it that would be one thing.

…react negatively to the word “must,” as in “must-see TV” or “You must see this” or “You simply must read this.” I guess it is part of my perverse nature that thinks, “No, I mustn’t!”

…wonder how people wear those bunchy scarves, like this? I think they look great and are a great way to add color and panache. But it seems like it would get in the way, and I know personally if I wore one, at the end of the day I’d be picking out the food I spilled into it.

9 thoughts on “Does anyone else…

  1. That’s funny because I was going to write a post of the usage of books for crafts this morning! No way, no way, no way.

    My girls wear scarves all the time and somehow they manage. If it’s really bulky they take them off to eat and just put them back on after.

  2. Books taken apart . . . I either give them away (if they’re good and I don’t want them any more) or recycle them (as in throw away in “paper”). I don’t think I could ever do that to a book I loved.

    “Must see” is the old bandwagon propaganda approach. I totally agree with you.

    Scarves . . . I have to say I love the look and don’t do it much because of the bulk and in the way problem. It’s hard to do dishes, clean house, type, etc. with something hanging about one’s neck. But, it looks great if you don’t have to actually DO something! :o)

  3. I have a hard time with the book crafts as well. Even though I love them. I keep thinking I should browse Goodwill and pick up spare copies of books I already own and then try some of those projects. Hasn’t happened yet.

    Yes! With you on the scarves. I have one and everytime I wear it I DO feel like it’s too bunchy and in the way. I also find scarf tying a mysterious activity. 😛

  4. LOL…picking out the food! Me too! Ya, I know someone who always says ‘you must’, and I feel the same way. The other one is ‘you need to’. Chaps my hide!
    As far as the books…well I have been known to tear out pages for my crafting, but only if they appear to be beyond usefulness otherwise.

  5. I used to feel the same way about the books.
    I would still never go and buy a book just to rip it up.
    However, often you can find an old book at t

    he thrift store that is literally falling apart. So who cares if you cut it up then? :). This is the only book craft I’ve ever made and I LOVE it. This year was the 3rd year I had it on the tree and it looks wonderful.

    and a photo of the whole tree is on this post

    Also, you can get an awful lot of projects out of only 1 book.

    You know eventually they throw the books in the trash at the thrift stores so you may as well make some beautiful out of it. Of course common sense would tell you to make sure it’s not a 1st edition highly collectible book first 😉

    Oh and you can buy a few pages on Etsy if you’d rather–that way you don’t have to be the one to destroy a book 😉

    • Yes, I did figure that people using books for crafts were using old, falling apart books or even scrapbook pages that looked like they came from a book (I don’t even know if they make any like that), but like I said, the initial reaction was to mourn for the book. 🙂 I have an old 1906 devotional that is falling apart, but I still keep it — I can’t bear the thought of throwing it out even though I own another copy of the same book. Of course, there are some books not worth reading that would be good for cutting up into something more creative. 😀

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