Odds and Ends

I thought I’d share various “stray thoughts” on my mind lately, none big enough for its own blog post:

  • The big news here is the weather. Of course, the southeastern US has not had it nearly as bad as New England, but then, we’re not equipped for it either. Counties can’t afford all the necessary equipment to just use once or twice a year. We were supposed to get snow and ice yesterday, but just got ice. Jim went on in to work but Great-Grandma’s caregiver didn’t make it here today.


  • One of my main concerns is the power going out, especially in regard to heat and pureeing and heating Great-Grandma’s food (and, let’s be honest, I like having access to my media as well. πŸ™‚ ) Last night I heard there were over 11,000 local people without power. Hoping they can get it all repaired soon. We do have one space heater, so we can all huddle together in one room if need be.
  • This is the forecast for the rest of the week. Yikes! -13?!


  • In other news….after my last oral surgery, I once again thought something that comes to mind often when one of us has some kind of procedure: I wonder why doctor’s offices don’t send you home with samples of the medicine or at least call it in while you’re there so you can just pick it up on the way home? Trying to drop my prescription off and answer the pharmacist’s questions with my mouth stuffed with gauze was fun. πŸ™‚ And then I had to go back again and pick it up. Similarly, I felt bad when having to take Jim fresh from kidney surgery or one of the kids from wisdom teeth removal through the interminable drive-through at the pharmacy, get them home and settled, and then leave them alone to go back to pick up meds. I can understand small offices and clinics might not want to keep some of the stronger prescription painkillers on hand since it might increase the likelihood of break-ins, but hospitals would have them on hand. I actually remember the days when pharmacies would deliver prescription medications to your home. πŸ™‚ That would be nice, but probably too expensive these days, and probably too much risk of robbery.
  • Speaking of medical matters….It seems like every medical appointment I make, they tell you the time of your appointment and then ask you to come in 10-30 minutes early to fill our paperwork or do preliminary procedures. I wish they’d just give you the time they want you there. I look at the appointment card they gave me and have to think, “The appointment’s at 9, but what time am I supposed to actually be there??”
  • Am I the only one that uses delicious.com to save links any more? Whenever I save something there, it tells me I am the first person to save it, and I know I am not the first person to read it, so I wonder how others save or make note of things they’ve read online that they want to remember. I’ve heard a lot about Evernote but it seems complicated.
  • When I first started blogging, the prevailing advice was to put something interesting in the space that a person first sees when they come on to your blog, something that will make them want to scroll down and read the rest. Nowadays I see not only blogs but web sites that have almost a full screen photo as the first thing you see when you come to the site, and you have to scroll down to read any content. Funny how those things change over time. Neither way is intrinsically better or worse, but personally, I’d rather be able to start reading the blog post or article when I first come to the site rather than having to scroll down just to find it.
  • Speaking of photos: I really enjoy the creativity I see on Facebook and Pinterest with different kids of photo set-ups these days. But if I could offer one thought to those setting up photo shoots for engagements, weddings, babies, families, or whatever: what your relatives and friends want to see, and what I think you’ll most want to look back on, are people’s faces. An occasional hazy or distant or silhouettedΒ  shot in a larger group of shots is fine, but get some close ups of those loved faces.
  • If onomatopoeia is words that sound like what they are (ping, fizz. etc.), is there a word for words that don’t sound anything like what they are? Like sublime, which means, according to Dictionary.com., “impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power; inspiring awe, veneration, etc.; supreme or outstanding,” but doesn’t sound like any of those.
  • Jesse was telling me about a cop that proposed to his girlfriend by having two other cops pull her over as if she were in trouble for something, and then he showed up with the engagement ring. I don’t think I’d be in much of a mood to discuss marriage after being pulled over. πŸ™‚
  • One of the app games I play with my sisters is very similar to Wheel of Fortune, and I thought I got the phrase we were playing as “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – only I put Arc. Sigh. Sounds like a geometry story problem. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s probably enough rambling for one day. Hope you’re having a good day and staying warm!


9 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Barbara, I enjoyed reading your thoughts today. I know what you mean – sometimes you have stuff to talk about but not enough to make up a whole post on its own. Do you live near Knoxville? My two sons live in Lenoir City and my one son who works at the UT campus went home early from work yesterday because of the weather. What a beautiful part of the country you live in! My dream eventually is to move up to that area – perhaps Lenoir City or Maryville. Stay warm. I hope your power stays on.

    • Yes we do! And my d-il used to work in Maryville. It’s neat that your sons live in the area! It is a beautiful area, especially in the fall.It’s been in the 20s today, but supposed to get really low in the next couple of days. We’ve had a mild winter so far, but I guess it couldn’t leave without letting it feel pretty wintry for several days.

  2. I also enjoyed reading these spare snippets!

    I’m puzzling a bit over your pharmacy comment – both when I was in Nebraska and here in Wichita, it’s standard practice for the doctor to call in a prescription so that you can pick it up on your way home (although, now that I come to think of it, I think I’ve seen notices in a couple of clinics that have mentioned requiring a paper prescription as well for narcotics, maybe to help avoid abuse?)

    I use Diigo.com to save links – I have the option of simply bookmarking the link or I can give it tags, write a comment, or highlight specific portions of an article. When I access my diigo page, then, I can search through my saved articles as well as my own comments on them. I’ve tried installing Evernote on my phone, but just haven’t found it very useful – I think maybe the people who are really into it use extensions or something.

  3. My Daughter is a Pharmacist and is working at a Pharmacy inside a clinic. I’ve seen this in hospital based clinics, also. Doctors get plenty of samples from Pharmacy reps. Some are good about giving them out. The only problem is: these are usually relatively new drugs and when you have to fill your prescription you find you probably paid for the sample because of the high price.
    I like this food for thought post.
    Mama Bear

  4. We’re out of school again tomorrow. The roads aren’t too bad – probably a delay would have been fine for that – but as of tonight, there was still no power at school. So we get another day off!! Do you hear me complaining? πŸ™‚

  5. Wow that is cold for where you live! We are getting it here too and am ready for some warmer temperatures and sunshine.

    My doctors office sends my prescriptions to the pharmacy via the computer. I’m not sure about the dentist. I remember getting my wisdom teeth pulled and being in the car while my mom got my prescription filled. I was miserable.

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