Friday’s Fave Five

FFF spring2

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been another week of simple blessings. Here are a few:

1. A three-day weekend. More time to get things done, spend with family, and eat grilled burgers. 🙂 And to be thankful, in this case, for the men and women who sacrificed so the rest of us could have a “normal” life.

2. Getting home moments before a storm. Always nice to be inside when there is a storm out, but that “just made it” feeling is a nice one.

3. Baby laughs – his own and the ones he causes. There is just a special feeling of…accomplishment, I guess, when making a baby smile or laugh. And he’s always been cute (biased grandmother’s opinion, of course), but he’s full of such antics now. Lately when his parents give him a “pretend” drink of their coffee (just holding the cup to his lips – he wants that even though he’s not getting anything), when he’s done, he’ll say, “Ahh!”

4. A simple prescription refill. It would be too long and boring to go into details, but I needed a prescription refill that I thought either the doctor, pharmacy, or insurance company were going to give me problems about because I had finished it before the prescribed time (they have done so before. It’s an ointment, not a pill, so hard to make the dosage last the prescribed time). The doctor wanted me to come in rather than refilling it over the phone, but everything else went as smoothly as it possible could on all fronts. Sometimes we can build up potential problems in our minds before we even start.

5. A baby gorilla. On our zoo trip a few weeks ago, two of the gorillas were expecting. One just had her baby this week. Cute!

Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Glad that everything went well for your this week! I notice you reviewed Christy in your last post – one of the best books I ever read. I love that book. Enjoy the coming weekend!

  2. That’s a cute age and it will continue ! I now laugh what my 4 year old grandson sometimes says ! He seems to be like an old professor sometimes !

  3. It’s the little things! I agree that often our mind builds up things to a fever pitch and then they turn out not so bad — always a nice thing. I just reached the van tonight after a dance recital, just before the downpour hit. A nice feeling, for sure! And our zoo has a new baby orangutan. So adorable!!

  4. Baby and toddler laughs are the best! Your grandson sounds like quite the little character. We’ve had a few storms blow through here too, but most of them have been overnight when I’m tucked securely into bed. I think you really described it perfectly in regards to those military men and women and their families. They very definitely don’t have a “normal” life so that we may!

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