A winner, some cards, and assorted odds and ends

It seems like it has been ages since I’ve been here, though it has just been since Friday. It has been a busy few weeks, and though there are always things to be done, this is the first “free” week in a long time, with nothing on the calendar besides the everyday stuff. So it’s kind of a catch-up week for me.

First of all, yesterday I was supposed to draw a winner for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge Wrap-Up. I apologize for not getting that done until today: the winner is Melanie!

I thought I’d show you the most recent cards I have made, for my daughter-in-law and husband’s birthdays:

My son and daughter-in-law love coffee, so this design seemed fitting:


The cup design was on the Cricut Explore One. I did the writing on the computer, and the little squigglies were from a hole punch. The borders were from a package I’d had for a long time.

Incidentally, last time I wrote about cards and joked about expenses, but I noticed the price tag on this package of the black borders was $3.99, and I probably bought it when scrapbooking supplies were on sale half price at Hobby Lobby, making it about $2. I have used them for multiple projects and still have some left. So between sales and coupons, it’s really not terribly expensive.

This was my husband’s birthday card:


(Sorry about the shadow!) All of this was done with designs from the Cricut Explore except the blue border around the words, which I did with decorative scissors. I was tickled to find the argyle design since he wears that fairly often. At first I was thinking I’d have to glue all those little diamond shapes and dashes, then realized that after the machine cut them out, all I had to do was put the blue paper behind the cut-out design (duh!) Much easier! This is probably one of my favorites, along with Timothy’s monkey card from Valentine’s Day.

In other news….

  • It’s been a long time since I saw this at the pump. Gas was $1.49 a gallon and I had 50 cents per gallon off with my grocery store card. My husband tells me it’s not a good thing for the economy that gas prices are so low, but since I can’t do anything about that, I am just going to enjoy it while it lasts.


  • Is anyone else getting sick of primary and election news and talk? I watched the first few Republican debates and I think part of one of the Democratic ones, but I can hardly stand to listen to them any more. If they talked intelligently about issues without sniping at or interrupting or talking over each other, I’d watch them. I’ll be glad when it’s over in November.
  • A number of older people from our church have passed away recently, two of them just last Friday. It’s caused me to think about the need to pick up their baton and carry God’s truth faithfully in this generation.
  • Not much new in the great-grandma department. She still sleeps most of the time, eats ok most of the time, rarely speaks except to occasionally say “thank you” or “I love you,” but doesn’t act like she is in any pain though she’s arthritic and contracted, and has a pleasant expression most of the time. I think sometimes people get a little perturbed when they ask me how she is and I say she’s about the same, but I’m not trying to be evasive – that’s really about all I can say about how she’s doing. Not much change day by day.
  • It seems like I’ve mainly only talked about books here lately, besides the weekly Friday Fave Faves and occasionally sharing interesting links. I always feel a little bad about that, though I shouldn’t, because books are one of my favorite subjects, plus I want to record my thoughts and observations about them for my own future reference as well as for anyone else who might be interested. When it is really busy, I can write a book review when I can’t get my thoughts together for a different kind of post. I guess maybe because then I have the subject material to write about, and I just have to get it out and organized. With other subjects, it takes me a while to work out my thoughts. But I do have some of those kinds of posts percolating on the back burner, so hopefully I can get to them soon.

And in the cute grandson department:

  • Timothy is imitating anything he sees someone else do and trying to say what anyone else says. That’s handy, because it makes it easy to teach some things. But it’s scary at other times, like when he saw Granddad standing on a chair to reach something, and he climbed up on another chair. In this photo he was down from the chair, but trying to imitate what Granddad was doing.


  • He watches Star Trek with his parents, and now when he sees a selfie stick folded up, he uses it as a phaser and says “Pew, pew!” when he shoots it.
  • One day I was ordering Asian food for dinner online at the desktop computer when he came up to my desk. My laptop was on the corner, so he opened it by himself and turned it on by himself. I hadn’t known he could do either, but I figured he couldn’t hurt anything in the few minutes it would take me to finish. When I looked back at him, somehow he had changed the whole orientation of the screen sideways. I didn’t know that could be done! Thankfully one of my sons figured out how to fix it. Now I keep the laptop out of reach. 🙂
  • One day when my husband said, “Jump, Timothy!” Timothy crouched down and put his nose on the floor. We looked at each other in wonder, tried again, and he did the same thing. When Jason came in, my husband repeated the process. Jason said, “Timothy, that’s not jumping: this is jumping” and then jumped up and down several times. So the next time someone said, “Timothy, jump!” he had the arm action going but wasn’t getting off the ground. It was so cute to watch. Someday he’ll get it. We don’t know how in the world he associated jumping with putting his nose on the floor, but it was so funny.
  • I love when he reaches up and takes my hand and then starts walking, wanting me to walk with him.
  • He likes to climb into and out of things.
  • He’s our main entertainment. 🙂


I think that about catches us up on the happenings here. 🙂 Have a good week!

3 thoughts on “A winner, some cards, and assorted odds and ends

  1. I enjoyed your post! I’m so excited to find out I’m the winner of the LIW Reading Challenge! Thank you. I did email you confirming my email address. It took 2 emails because I mess up the first one. 😦 I understand about great-grandma. People ask me at church how Mom is doing and the answer is the same. Timothy sounds like a lot of fun, full of life and smart! I’m sure he keeps you on your toes when he’s around!

  2. I enjoyed this post too! What a nice thought about carrying the torch in the place of those passing on. That is needed now more than ever. I just love politics and so I’m honestly not tired of election stuff — but I’m with you on really wishing everyone could stop with the insults and cutting each other down. As a conservative, I feel like we tear up our own candidates and this is sad. Liberals don’t seem to do that as much. Timothy in the box is so cute! Makes me anxious for grandkids!!

  3. I don’t even have TV and I’m “sick of primary and election news and talk”. Gah. Love all the Timothy news 😉 Don’t you wish you had a Timothy lexicon at each age? A co-worker from the petcare segment told me how he was in a conference room that allowed cats (yes, cats!) and several swarmed him when he settled down to start a conference call. One walked across his laptop keyboard and turned his screen sideways. Now, WHY is there even that feature?? And WHY are babies and cats able to accomplish it so easily?

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