Friday’s Fave Five

friday fave five spring

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

My posting has not gone as planned this week….but perhaps that means the things I wanted to work on either weren’t in God’s plan yet and/or need more incubation. 🙂 But here are some high points of the last week:

1. A meal with my husband in a restaurant. I think you call that a date. 🙂 All the kids had other plans for lunch Sunday, and there was a little Asian place near church we thought we could get in and out of before Great-Grandma’s caregiver had to leave. We did. It was very nice!

2. The tree saga is finally over. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we had about 50 trees that were dead (hemlocks, we were told) and needed to be cut down. We’ve had guys coming by and leaving their business cards for tree-cutting for months now. We called one who worked about 15 hours over three weeks and got 17 of them down, but would not show up or answer calls for days and then asked for more money. We finally gave him a deadline, and when that passed with the job unfinished, we moved on. The second guy did the same thing over a weekend, and we decided we weren’t going through this again. The third guy had a much higher bid, but he dug in and stuck with it til it was done. They’re all down now, so it’s nice to have it taken care of (and to enjoy the lack of chainsaw noise. 🙂 ).

3. Privacy. We were afraid that taking down the trees would remove any privacy from the neighbors directly behind us. We do most of our living on that side of the house and I wasn’t keen on being able to be seen through the windows. But one had enough shrubs and trees in their back yard that it’s not a problem, and the other house is empty. We’re planning on putting a fence up, but it’s nice we don’t have to feel on display until then.

4. Little grandson kisses. Timothy’s gotten more kissy lately. Nothing sweeter than a little boy being glad to see you, wanting up, and pulling you in for a kiss. ♥

5. Gluten-free snacks. My d-i-l has to avoid gluten due to stomach issues. We’ve found good alternatives to most things, but sweet snacks seem the hardest to use anything other than wheat flour. I passed by these in the store yesterday and thought they looked good – and they were!!!


We’ve been enjoying beautiful spring weather this week. A little rain one day, but otherwise sunny, with today being just the right degree of coolness.

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. It’s great to have your tree issue over with. I have some branches that need trimming around power lines. I’m glad you and your husband could have your “date” at the restaurant. Have a great weekend.

  2. From what I understand about gluten is that we are all intolerant of and if we cut it out of our diets we would see how good we can really feel. I COULD NOT have those wonderful sweet things in my house…My diet would be blown.
    I’m sure it is much nice around your place without the chainsaw noise! 🙂
    It’s a great blessing for you two to get some “date” time with you being a caretaker! Enjoy them when you can!

  3. 50 trees to have taken down! Wow! Bless your heart! I’m glad for you that it is over.

    You are right, nothing better than a grandchild wanting to be picked up and then lean in for a kiss!

  4. Glad your weather has been good for you this week. Those kisses sound so sweet. A quiet weekend without chainsaws buzzing will be nice for all of you. Yippee for a little date at a restaurant. Blessings…

  5. oh I love date lunches with my husband!! Yay that you got to have one!! WOW that is a LOT of trees you had to have removed. I don’t think we have that many on the whole block where i live!! haha….

    It must be so fun to enjoy those grandchild’s kisses!! Embrace every moment and Happy MOther’s Day!!

  6. The thing about GF treats is that they are best right out of the oven. So store-bought things don’t tend to taste all that great. I’m glad you found something that works! As for those trees…. wow, what a daunting job. I’m so glad you located someone who would actually finish the job. And what a nice surprise to find that your neighbors had trees and shrubs, too.

  7. Can’t even imagine having 50 trees to take down! Those kisses from your grandson are the sweetest part of this post. Ahhh, what a cutie!

  8. So good to have the tree issue finished. (How can you not complete a job you have contracted for?? I’d not be keeping his business card!)
    Sweet little boy kisses! So precious!

  9. Whew, that is a lot of trees. And it’s hard to believe that companies would actually leave a job half done and then demand more money. Glad you were finally able to get someone to do the whole thing. So sweet of Timothy to share some hugs with his Grandma!

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