Laudable Linkage

Unfortunately, where I have been saving links for 8-10 years now, has been down for a week or two now. I hope it gets fixed soon – I would hate to think I’d lost all those, especially some I have returned to multiple times. It may be time to investigate Evernote or a different source. What do you use to save links you want to remember and return to?

Anyway – for now I have just been making a list of them. As you might expect, with Mother’s Day on Sunday, there have been a lot of posts relating to mothers this week.

To My Friends Who Still Have Their Mothers.

This Stage of Life? It’s Hard.

Don’t Blink.

Joy at Rejoicing in the Present has been running a series on moms in different situations. The two that stood out to me were A Letter to the Mommy-Heart Whose Dream Didn’t Come True and A Letter to Moms With Physical Limitations, but there are also posts about losing a child and having special needs children.

Coping With Verbal Abuse when a mom has Alzheimer’s.

And a couple not relating to mothers directly:

5 Question Checklist for Blog Commenting.

40 Most Valuable Toys From Your Childhood.

Susan at Girls In White Dresses is hosting a giveaway for an ESV Family Devotional Bible.

And finally, this cracked me up:

Happy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. I am computer illiterate. I did not know there was program/ap that you can save links! That’s great! I’m going to look into that.
    Video was cute! 🙂 Made me smile. Have a great weekend!
    again, Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I visit the blog with the “Coping with Verbal Abuse” often. I feel for this lady who is so caring and yet as I read her posts, I can sense that she is wearing down. I certainly identify with her although Mom is no where near that. The video was just precious! Hair gone wild! Have a great day.

  3. Feel for the lady whose mother has Alzheimr’s…..we lose the person & care for the shell ~ and yes, their words can hurt deeply….BUT GOD.
    Have blessed Mother’s Day Barbara…..thank you for your blog.

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