Odds and Ends

It’s a hazy day in Eastern TN. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of the fires in the area. By this report there were some 67 of them as of noon Tuesday. There are fires in SC, NC, and Kentucky as well. We haven’t had rain in weeks, quite unusual for this area, and none is in the forecast for at least the next week. The report I mentioned said visibility is only 50 feet in some areas, and my son said he couldn’t see the sun through the haze on some parts of his drive to work this morning. It’s not that bad at our house, but if we’re out and about even just to run errands, we come home with irritated throats and sometimes irritated eyes and nasal passages. A friend in the Tablerock Park area of SC has seen a fire that has burned over 2500 acres actually visibly come closer to his house. All his neighbors have each other on a group text so they can alert each other if there is a sudden need to evacuate.

If you think of it and feel so led, we’d sure appreciate prayer that the fires would be put out with as little damage as possible as soon as possible and that God would send rain.

In other news…..

Craft shows used to be one of my biggest joys. The first two cities we lived in had big ones around Christmas time. The third place we lived was not too far from the first, so I eagerly drove over for the big craft fair in December – but it was immensely smaller and looked more like a home and garden show, with businesses selling swimming pools and windows and even teeth brighteners rather than crafters selling their wares. I was so disappointed. I’ve seen one advertised here the last couple of years, but just hadn’t made it out to it. This year I made plans to go with Jason and Mittu. It was so fun. It was still smaller than some of the big ones I used to see, and there were a few home and garden type booths, but mainly it was just a big old fashioned craft show. I was so happy! I did notice an absence of a couple of typical booths I used to see: tole painting and kid’s wooden toys. I always liked the tole painting because I couldn’t do it. 🙂 I wonder if anyone does any more? And I think, with all the light plastic toys we can buy for kids these days, parents got away from the heavier wooden ones.

The only thing I came away with was a wooden heart ornament and a wonderful piece of apple cake, but there are a couple of things I wish I had gotten.


I would have bought some dish towels – I like the thicker, heavier kind, which is getting harder to find any more, and one booth had them with the little crochet part at the top where you can button it to a cabinet or stove handle. I was looking at them, trying to decide if I liked the crocheted part and looking through the designs, but the older man at the booth just wouldn’t leave me alone to look. He kept saying things like, “These are good an heavy, here feel this one. There are Christmas designs back here – here, come and look,” etc. I just left. I guess I could have said, “Thanks, I’d like to just look at the designs and decide which one I want,” but I didn’t think of it. I’ve never liked craft booths or farmer’s market booths or garage sales where the sellers feel like they constantly have to try to sell to you.

At any rate, it was a fun time, and I am looking forward to next year already.

Speaking of sales people, I got a call last night from a company I ordered a dress from online. I don’t normally answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number, but Jim answered it. The caller said the dress was on the way to me, and I said I had already received it. She said, in an excited voice, “Did you try it on? What did you think?” I said I liked it, but I really didn’t like phone calls like this. 🙂 So she said they would put me on a do not call list. I hope this is not a new thing!!!

Lastly, to leave you with a Timothy-ism…he has been doing a good job learning his colors lately. They were at a restaurant which was playing bluesy music over the PA system, and Timothy was trying to sing along. Jason asked him, “Timothy, are you singing the blues?” Timothy said, “Um….orange.” 🙂

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