More stray thoughts

The last time I did a post like this, someone suggested I should make it a regular feature, especially considering my blog name. šŸ™‚ I don’t know if it will be a regular feature, but it will probably be an occasional one. So here are some of the things running through my brain lately, from the trivial to the more serious:

  • Have you seen those pans for brownies or bar cookies that look like a maze and are designed so that all the pieces come out like edge pieces? The edge pieces are my least favorite – mine tend to get much harder than the middle. But I guess some people like crunchy brownies – or are better bakers than I am and don’t get the outside edges too hard.



  • I’m working on a poll about blogging that I hope to have up in the next week or two.


  • Have you seen that there is a trend now to stop capitalizing pronouns referring to God? This post explains some of the reasons for it. I admit the middle part of it is too technical for me, but I do understand some reasons for it: those pronouns are not capitalized in the original manuscripts and even some of the oldest translations, like the KJV, don’t capitalize pronouns referring to God. Still, it has been a tradition for years, one that many people (myself included) see as respectful of God. And I think it does help clarify a sentence to have He vs. he (especially if you’re referring to another he and him in the same sentence). It’s not a hill to die on, but I hate to see it changed.


  • One day last week I was trying to get something done on the computer while doing laundry, and I was getting aggravated at having to get up every 30-40 minutes to change loads. Then I got ashamed of myself. We have about the easiest way to do laundry of anyone in the world. A day or two later I saw photos on Facebook from a group in our church on a short-term medical mission trip to another country. They’re in an area of dire poverty where whole families live in the city dump. I’m sure the people love to have access just to clean water. A washing machine and dryer would seem like pure luxury to them. So while it would probably help to rearrange my tasks so that I am not doing something require a steady train of thought on laundry day, I hope I remember to count my blessings.


  • I think I have mentioned that I have a medical procedure coming up called an ablation which is supposed to take care of the atrial fibrillation I’ve been experiencing. It was originally supposed to be next week, but Monday I got a call from the doctor’s office that they needed to move it back into August. I was so disappointed. I’ve been counting down the days to getting the procedure itself over with, not to mention being relieved of the afib. I don’t know if doctor’s offices realize what it means to a patient when this happens – not just the disappointment and living more days with a condition that needs surgery, but rearranging of days off for Jim and care for my mother-in-law. I know it can’t be helped sometimes, and I’m reminding myself that ultimately God is in control and there may be a good reason I shouldn’t be in surgery on the original day.


  • This is the latest card I’ve made, this one for Jim’s mom’s birthday earlier in the month.

I hadn’t originally intended to use both the rickrack and the lace trims. I put the rickrack on first, and it was thin enough that the plaid could be seen through it, and I just didn’t like how it came out. But I didn’t want to take it up and risk tearing the paper underneath. So I was going to put the lace one over it, but it wasn’t quite big enough to cover it completely. In fiddling with it I got the idea to layer them a bit, and I really liked how that turned out. The yellow and white scalloped circles were done with two different hole punches.

  • Speaking of Jim’s mom, some of you have said that you like to hear how she’s doing from time to time. There have not been any major changes, but we continue to see a gradual decline. Her hands have been contracted for some time, and though her caregiver keeps her fingernails cut short, now we have to keep a small sock rolled up under her fingers so that her fingernails don’t dig into her palms. One finger is contracted to the side and looks like it would be painful, but the only time it seems to bother her is when it is washed. She was having physical therapy for this a few years ago, but it was all pain and no gain, so it was discontinued. In addition, the times when we can tell from her eyes that she recognizes us and is following what we’re saying is less and less. It’s heartbreaking to watch in many ways. Jim has described it as watching someone die one brain cell at a time. But she seems calm and content, and we’re trying to keep her as comfortable as possible until God takes her home.

That’s about it for now. Yesterday I enjoyed lunch with Melanie downtown, but I’ll say more about that on tomorrow’s Friday’s Fave Five.

3 thoughts on “More stray thoughts

  1. Oh, I agree with you on the pronouns that refer to God! Looking forward to clicking on that link. I’d also like to know why/when people stopped capitalizing the Bible. I used to think it was a typo coming from people who are believers, but it seems not to be the case.

    The blend of colors on that card is really sweet. I like your solution with the lace trim.

    I’m sorry to hear about the delay for your procedure. And I can appreciate all the arrangements that have to be made for a family situation like yours. I had a co-worker who was being asked to travel to Europe for three weeks — sounds great, right? But she had to arrange 24 hr care ($$$$) for her bed-ridden husband for that entire time.

  2. I enjoy stray thoughts. I’m so random in my own thoughts that it’s enjoyable to read someone else’s. šŸ™‚

    Wedding week here. Much to do!!

  3. I too enjoy this new feature of your blog. I also like hearing any news about your sweet mother-in-law. I have heard what Jim and his Mom are currently experiencing called “the long goodbye”. What a coincidence, one of the young ladies in our church just got back from Korah, Ethiopia, where she was working with a Christian group who work with the people who live in the dump and also the poverty of the humble houses around the dump. She had some pictures of the dump and also Korah to show us along with her presentation Sunday evening. I had heard about that dump from the news about the horrible landslide in April, I think, but the pictures presented living conditions like I have not seen before.

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