Friday’s Fave Fives

FFF delicate leavesIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I’m a little late today – it’s been one of those mornings with a number of interruptions. I often write the bulk of my FFF post on Thursday afternoons, but that didn’t happen this time. But – we’re here now, so here are some of the favorite parts of the week!

1. Leaves changing. I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks that they had only just started to change, and here in our neighborhood, that’s still true. But we were out in a different area of the city on Sunday and saw lots of fall color. Lovely!

2. Late bloomers. My hydrangea had gotten big and bushy but hadn’t bloomed all summer – until now! Maybe because of those big spots on the leaves – any idea what those are and what to do about them?


Even my geranium looks like it might have another round of blooms.


3. Magazines. Like many people, I’ve gotten away from magazines with all that’s available on the Internet. But there’s still something nice about curling up on the couch with the latest edition. I received gift subscriptions for these two for my birthday, and their first issues recently arrived.


4. Meals I didn’t cook. My daughter-in-law made dinner here last Sunday, we ate takeout from MacAlister’s Deli and a barbecue place a couple of different evenings, and I met a friend for lunch at IHOP this week.

5. A Timothy funny. Recently as he was coming up to our front door, he said, “I big now. I have hairy legs.” 🙂

Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Fives

  1. Those childhood funnies make our day, don’t they!! I’ve been looking at old DVDs while “down for the count,” and they are bringing back such good memories.

  2. Oh, I hope you or your kids are keeping a list of Timothy-isms. What they discover and work out in their young minds… such fun to hear about. How nice that you have both fall colors and blooms on your hydrangea and geranium! I don’t know about the spots on your hydrangea — mine are a different variety but they always suffered from spots which I’m guessing are fungus based. Sometimes a plant is on its own schedule, slow starters or early bloomers.

  3. i have never heard of those magazines but i do love looking at my Adirondack Life one!

    yay for summer blooms still spreading cheer….my deck flowers from last May are still blooming! i think it is due to the summer like weather we had for the last six weeks!

    how cute little Timothy is!

    enjoy the weekend

  4. I love seeing the leaves change during this season. It’s not very spectacular here but I love the photos too.
    Yay for all the flowers still blooming!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Timothy’s comment made me laugh right out loud. Kids are so funny. The changing leaves are one of my favorite things of autumn. This year they just turned gorgeous and then we had that crazy “winter” storm and it blew them all down. Now we are already staring at bare trees, though my backyard trees are a variety that changes later than all the others so hopefully they will turn a nice color instead of just black from the extreme cold of that week. Those look like great magazines and sometimes it is nice to sit with the real thing instead of a computer.

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