November Musings

November is a transition month. We’re moving from a relatively quiet time on the schedule to the busier holiday season and from fall to winter, though technically winter doesn’t officially start for a few weeks yet. It’s been nice to have some quiet times and breathing space.

Though our fall color came late and didn’t last very long this year, there are still vestiges of it left. I like not only the fall leaves still on the trees, but the bunches of them on the ground. I have trouble with the colorlessness of winter, so I treasure up whatever I can find of fall color until the first signs of spring.

What I’ve been into this month:

  • Activities: a lot of sorting and pulling things out to give away. Always a good thing.
  • Health: still holding steady with afib issues – a few flutters here and there, sometimes an episode seeming to start, but then going away (Yay!) My second follow-up visit with the cardiologist was scheduled for earlier this month, but I had to reschedule it, and they didn’t have any new openings until January! Since I have been doing ok, I think that will be fine, and I’m sure if I have any trouble crop up, I can call them and probably get worked in.
  • Reading: I just posted the books I’ve read the last month here.
  • Baby-sitting time with Timothy, a little more than usual this month. One of those times we did a little fall sugar cookie baking. he liked putting on the sprinkles. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Thanksgiving! Always a lovely day with the family an lots of great food.
  • Thanksgiving leftovers! Besides the turkey sandwiches and plates of reheated Thanksgiving fare, one thing we always look forward to is Turkey Bone Soup. Such good stuff.
  • Christmas decorating! I’ll say more about that in tomorrow’s Friday’s Fave Five. Timothy was into it last year, but at 3 1/2 this year, he’s even more so. Such fun!
  • Christmas shopping! Mostly online! Though I have a bit to look for in town.
  • Church searching: still visiting. We wish we could combine the best of the two we like most into one. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Music: a variety of things, but primarily Beyond All Praising by the BJU Singers and Orchestra. I also discovered a new-to-me group, Voces8. When someone linked to this song on Facebook, that sent me looking through YouTube for more of their music.
  • On the creative front: Not much this month – the sorting and giving away took precedence over the one project I had hoped to get to. Oh – I did do some painting with Timothy. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I did make this card for my friend Melanie‘s birthday.

New discoveries:

  • Single-serving dessert mixes. Nice for portion control when you want something fresh-made and sweet:


  • Decaf flavored teas. I haven’t tried them yet – I’ve never liked hot teas whenever I’ve tried them, but I’ve been wanting some variety in hot beverages with cold weather, and these are the required decaf. So maybe this time will be the charm.
  • A new Mexican food restaurant.
  • Little Free Libraries. I’ve seen other people mention them, but this post led me to a map to look for local ones. There are two not all that far from me. I’d love to start one!

Things I wonder:

  • Why catalog companies think that they if they send me multiple catalogs a week, especially this time of year, I’ll buy more. I’ll look at one for a new season, but after that I just throw them away until the next season. I wonder how much this waste adds to the cost of the merchandise.
  • I’ve had a couple of experiences with looking at things for purchase online, once putting an item in a cart and then deciding against it and removing it, and then getting an email from the online company about it. One said something like “We noticed you looking at this item. It’s still available!” When I contacted them and said I do not want these types of emails, I was told it was “all or nothing,” and to avoid receiving them, they’d had to remove me from their email list completely. The one where I removed something from a cart said something like, “We know what it’s like to be pulled away from the computer in the middle of something, so we kept this item in the cart for you!” My husband received one that said, “Caught you looking!” Who thought this was a good idea?! It’s really creepy. I know it’s probably computer-generated, and they have cookies to track what you look at anyway, but this is a step too far!
  • Why, when you mention you’ve been cleaning, does someone always say something like, “When you get done, come over to my house! I need that done, too!”

On the blog:

Besides the weekly highlights at Friday’s Fave Five, book reviews, and some Laudable Linkages, I’ve posted:

As we turn the calendars from November to December tomorrow, the focus will turn more fully to Christmas preparations – Christmas cards and newsletters, finishing shopping and starting wrapping, activities and events. In the midst of this fun but busy season, may we all have make some moments of quiet reflection on Whose birth we celebrate and why. May His love flow into us and then through us to others.

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3 thoughts on “November Musings

  1. Hee hee, I love your categories: “Things I wonder.”
    And I’m trying to remember– is Timothy your grandboy? My little guy is also three. We made cookies yesterday.
    This is such a great review of all the facets of your days!

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