Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a quiet week, both here and among the blogs I read. You’d think that would mean I got lots else done. 🙂

Here are some of the best parts of this week.

1. Praying people. Thank you so much for praying for Mason, the little boy I mentioned Monday night. On Wednesday he’d had some “baby steps” of improvement but was still critical. This morning they are doing some sort of lung procedure to help him breathe. And once his lungs heal, he still has to get healthy enough for a bone marrow transplant to battle against his leukemia. It’s a long road, but I hope and pray they start having some good news and progress. (Update: Mason’s body is weakening. It’s going to take a miracle for him to survive. His parents are at peace if it’s God’s will to take him home, but of course they long to have more time with him here.)

2. A haircut. My husband asked me about cutting his hair, but I was afraid to. I’m not very dexterous with my hands. Most of my craft and sewing projects have at least one mistake in them that I have to fix or work around. I didn’t want that to happen with Jim’s hair. My daughter-in-law has experience cutting her husband’s and son’s hair, but we didn’t know if she’d feel awkward cutting her father-in-law’s. But she graciously agreed. She did a great job. Jim was pleased and I was happy to have someone else take on that job.

3. An impromptu get-together. My son and daughter-in-law called one evening to ask about bringing some sandwiches over because they “just wanted to be with people.” So we pooled together our bags of chips and I brought out some baby carrots, and we enjoyed some distanced fellowship outside. Then Jason and Timothy washed their car and played with the water hose afterward.

4. Allergy medicine. All this outside visiting has been nice, but the spring pollen was getting to me.

5. Visiting inside! We dropped a couple of things over at Jason and Mittu’s one night, and they said that since things were starting to open up in our area, and our city’s COVID cases were low, they felt comfortable having us come inside. We’re still refraining from hugs, but it was nice to visit inside again.

What’s something good from your week?

16 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. A haircut is high on my list of blessings this week. How nice to finally gather with family, although we are refraining from hugs and only seeing a few people as well. I feel more comfortable in small groups, but still avoid the stores. Prayers for little Mason.

  2. I cannot WAIT until my hair salon opens again.i need a trim and re shaping and a color!!! I’ve decided I’m really,not ready at all to go grey. Maybe,if i was a grandma…….

    I love that you had two visits with your grandson this week!! That’s awesome.

    Things are JUST starting to ease up here in NYS. Downstate of course by NYC not yet. So many death down there, but our county here in the capital region was reporting MORE cases than we actually had so we are now in phase 1. I’m thankful for that. Masks still required in stores though.
    Happy weekend!!!

  3. How lovely to see the grandkids and for a haircut! I laughed at Faith’s comment about maybe going grey would be ok as a Grandma well I’m a Nanny to 3 and I might just let my hair go grey after all this ends – I’m sure the roots will be long enough to cut all the coloured hair out by then! Fortunately my bob can survive quite a while without needing a cut and I just keep trimming the fringe (bangs) Hope your allergies are easing up. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I’ll never take for granted visiting inside again. Just writing that brings tears to my eyes! I visited my parents this week and it was such a sweet blessing!

  5. I am definitely looking forward to times when things are back to normal and we can enjoy a meal with friends (or even a cup of coffee or tea) and attend church.
    The Professor is definitely needing a haircut.
    Have a safe week!

  6. Fortunately the hairdressers opened on Monday, so I avoided a disaster by cutting my husbands hair, I probably would have put zig zag in his hair ! How nice that you could have visitors, we now are also allowed to receive 4 people. It’s getting a bit better. I found a moving company, for half the price of the first one and for the same job and amount of men ! You really have to pay attention and compare !!

  7. I’m sorry to hear that Mason is weakening but will continue to pray for a miracle!

    How fun that you were able to see loved ones twice this week. It’s been hard on my mom too that we can’t go in the house though we’ve taken baby steps in that as we had to deal with some insurance stuff for her. We both wore masks but she is struggling to get used to using it properly and pulls it down to talk all the time.

  8. How nice that you could have a visit with your son and daughter-in-law. Those impromptu visits are the best and we appreciate them even more these days. Your haircut story reminded me of when my dad was very ill with cancer many years ago. My husband cut his hair for him then. It was a little awkward at first for him to cut his father-in-law’s hair but my dad really appreciated it so he did it!
    Praying for Mason’s family!

  9. Praying for Mason and his family.
    I’ve been quite impressed by a lot of the home haircuts I’ve seen! At the start of one of our church Zoom calls everyone got to show off their haircuts and a retired hairdresser gave her opinion on how they’d done. She seemed quite impressed too!
    I think I’m going to be like Rapunzel by the time I get my hair cut because I’m certainly not attempting it myself!

  10. I’m sorry to hear Mason’s not improving. Please keep us updated — I am praying for him throughout the day as he comes to mind. Believe it or not, my husband has always cut his own hair with a “flowbee” that he attaches to the vacuum cleaner! It is kind of hilarious but over the years has saved a lot … This week I’ve enjoyed having a break from teaching piano. It’s kind of relaxing having a week with no (or very few) obligations 😉

  11. I’m late to the news and request for prayers for Mason. Thank you for the update. I’m sorry to hear of his decline. Praying God’s mercy on him and his family.

    So glad you are able to spend some time with the family. Will we ever feel quite comfortable hugging again? I hope so!

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