Prayer Request

I don’t do this often on the blog, but I’d like to ask you to pray for a little boy named Mason. He’s the grandson of our former pastor in GA. He’s six years old, had leukemia, went into remission, and the cancer came back. He’s been in the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia, underwent a lung biopsy, and started bleeding heavily. He’s sedated and on a paralytic drug to help the wound not reopen. The latest word from his grandfather is this:

It has been determined that he has inflammation in 3 of the 4 lobes of his lungs. It is not pneumonia but it is classified as pneumonia and it is found in people who have been through chemotherapy. It makes it difficult for the air sacs in his lungs to absorb oxygen.

We got word this evening that his heart rate and oxygen levels were falling and they were unable to stop it. He was given epinephrine to stimulate his heart and put on nitrous oxide for his oxygen levels. He was also put on an oscillator which is saved for last resorts. It worked for now but they have no tricks left. He is critical but has been stabilized.

The next 24-48 hours are critical. The whole family has been through so much for so long. On top of the health issues, they’ve been separated due to COVID-19. His mom is with him, but the whole family can’t be together.

Thank you for your prayers for Mason and his family.

(Update: Mason’s body is weakening. It’s going to take a miracle for him to survive. His parents are at peace if it’s God’s will to take him home, but of course they long to have more time with him here.)

16 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. I will pray now for Mason and his family. May God’s peace and comfort surround them all and may God heal Mason within His perfect Will.

  2. I will pray now for Mason and his loved ones. My they sense God’s loving presence surrounding them with peace and comfort and peace. May God heal Mason according to his perfect will.

  3. Barbara, I am just now seeing this but God must have had me sign in to the blogs this afternoon because I have my small group (online of course) tonight and we are a praying group!! We will definitely lift up little Mason in prayer as well as his family. Please do keep me posted.

  4. Dear Gracious Heavenly Father I ask that you be with dear, sweet Mason and his family. Surround them with peace and love. May they have kind and knowledgable medical care workers. Please provide a healing hand on his lungs. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  5. Oh how sad! Praying right now. Our pastor’s grandson had leukemia years ago as a toddler — went through about 5 years of treatment and today is a healthy freshman in high school. I can’t imagine how hard it is too with only one person able to be with Mason. Praying.

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