Laudable Linkage


Here another list of noteworthy reads from the last week:

Why We Shouldn’t Speak Flippantly or Joke About Hell, HT to Challies. “The reason why we shouldn’t speak flippantly or joke about hell is because the biblical authors never do. The biblical authors are crystal clear about hell. It is a real place . . .”

Seeing the World in Black and White, HT to Challies. “But as real as my initial frustration was, and as pure as sympathizers’ comments and reshares might be, we would have conspired in an injustice against that little old lady. Further, it would have deepened in me (and others) a mindset that I am convinced enslaves those who hold to it.”

On Being Like Jesus, Part 8: Closing Thoughts. Practical applications.

Pure for You, But Not for Me. “Too often, it’s tempting to judge another believer for watching ‘that show’ on TV, when ‘my show’ may be just as poisonous to my soul, even though it lacks explicit content. Perhaps then we would be wise to invest less energy into casting judgment and more energy into learning what is impure for us contextually.”

A ‘Sober Curious’ Quarantine Broke My Perfectionism, HT to Proclaim and Defend. “No longer is sobriety seen as just the last resort for people whose lives are falling apart. Many in the sober curious set would not label themselves as traditional alcoholics, but they do wonder if their drinking is a problem and recognize the benefits of ditching the booze.”

Prayer Will Win the Nations: Three Ways to Pray for Missionaries, HT to Challies. “Prayer isn’t just a passing gesture or a frivolous holiday present. Prayer is supplying missionaries with essentials for their survival. Prayer is partnership in their work.”

How Early Christianity was Mocked for Welcoming Women, HT to Proclaim and Defend. “So, what do we make of the fact that early Christianity was mocked for being pro-women? Well, it certainly turns the tables on the over-used criticism in the modern world that early Christianity was a patriarchal, misogynistic religion that was hostile to women.”

The Jesus Movement Followed 1968. What Will Follow 2020? HT to Challies. The late 1960s were remarkably similar to our times, including a pandemic. Many are praying God will use current events to turn people’s hearts to Him. While acknowledging “The Jesus Movement was far from perfect,” “Let us pray in faith, Lord, do it again; greater, broader, and deeper than ever before.'”

Ten Reasons We Should Still Take the Coronavirus Seriously, HT to Challies.

Finally, somehow I stumbled across this video of Julie Andrews, who played Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music, with the real Maria von Trapp.

Happy Saturday!

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