Friday’s Fave Five

On Fridays I like to pause for a few moments with Susanne and friends
to reflect on some of the blessings of the week.

I was so sorry to miss FFF last week due to being unexpectedly hospitalized for a couple of days. I’m doing better now—waiting on a couple of follow-up appointments to see what, if any, next steps should be taken.

But I have two weeks of favorites to catch up on! These are not in chronological order: most of the events happened before the hospital stay.

1. Jim being with me in the hospital. I didn’t think he’d be allowed due to COVID restrictions, but I am so glad he was.

2. An in-person Ladies Bible Study. We met sort-of outdoors in our pastor’s wife’s garage so we could spread out and still allow for air circulation. I sat just outside the garage door so as to maximize fresh air flow. I actually enjoyed the Zoom meetings, but it was good to see each other in person again.

3. Grandparent’s Day September 13. My daughter-in-law made Sunday lunch and Timothy drew pictures for us. 🙂 I was gifted with beautiful roses and Godiva chocolates, and Jim with coffee beans.

4. Jesse’s birthday.

He always asks for stroganoff for dinner and lemon cake for dessert. I’m usually more of a chocolate person, but I do look forward to this cake every year! Since he’s looking to move out soon, I’m trying not to think about this being his last birthday while living at home….

5. Cool weather. The fall-like temperatures some of you mentioned finally arrived here! I love the cool crispness of fall after the heat of summer and before the chill of winter. A few leaves are starting to change. I changed my front wreath, but will add some other fall decor this weekend when someone can get boxes down from the attic for me.

Bonuses. My daughter-in-law brought shepherd’s pie over for dinner the day I got out of the hospital. We had stuff in the freezer for easy meals the rest of the weekend. Then she brought chili and cornbread over last night. I took advantage of the cool weather to cut back our rose bushes and some ivy in planters that was trying to take over. I’m not a gardener by any means, but I enjoy working outside every now and then.

And that wraps it up for me. I hope your week went well!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Welcome home; so glad you are back! I love all your items this week. Gorgeous flowers; I’m with you too on liking chocolate desserts, but the lemon cake does sound/look wonderful. I understand too the bittersweet bit about last birthday at home … have a great weekend!

  2. Oh wow. I am glad you are ok and home from the hospital. A-fib can be really scary.
    Your family took such good care of you. You are truly blessed with that daughter in law of yours!
    Happy Birthday to Jesse!

  3. I’m so glad you will have some follow up appointments. And that you’re out of the hospital and praise God that Jim could be with,you!!

    What a thoughtful daughter in law and wow!! Those flowers are stunning.

    A very happy ( belated) birthday to your handsome son!,
    I love shepherds pie and it’s on my menu for mid October when the temps should start to fall,

    Happy weekend!,

  4. I’m so glad that Jim was able to be with you in the hospital too. It breaks my heart to think of people having to be all alone. I’ve recently joined a new Zoom Bible study to get some more spiritual connection during this covid time. I love that you were able to meet with your group in person outside; maybe our group could do that sometimes.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your hospital stay, and glad that you are feeling much better.

    I’m a chocolate cake gal myself, so always enjoy it when someone chooses something different for a birthday. I love the photo, the way Timothy is looking at his uncle:)

  6. I’m just now catching up with your news! Glad it was a brief stay and certainly glad your husband could remain with you. Hospitals in my area are doing less separation of family members — and I think it’s the right thing to do. Nothing like extra anxiety heaped on a stressed family! Best wishes to Jesse in this new year with (maybe) a new adventure of living on his own.

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