In the Hospital

Longtime readers may remember that I had an ablation for atrial fibrillation a few years ago. I’ve had little “blips” of heart irregularity since, which the doctor said was normal. But then last July I had a seven-hour episode. The doctor said we’d keep everything the same for now. Then yesterday I had a 12-13 hour episode. My heart rate was 120-148 beats per minute. The meds they give to lower heart rate also lower blood pressure, so they had to keep that in balance.

Finally my heart rate converted back to normal. They kept me overnight, and I should be going home later today.. We’re talking about why this happened, changes to make, etc. I’m especially thankful they let Jim come in with me.

I have some great things for Friday’s Fave Five! If we get home in time, I’ll try to get a post up. It’s a little hard tapping out a post on an iPad mini. 🙂

But for now we’re doing fine, just hanging out til they release me. Talk to you later!

Update: I’m home! I’m supposed to follow up with my primary care doctor and cardiologist next week. Thanks so much for your kind comments and prayers.

31 thoughts on “In the Hospital

  1. Well, I’m not sure if my comment went through. I’m very glad you’re able to go home today; praise God! I’m a long-time reader but rarely comment. I’m thankful for your well-written, thoughtful blog. Take care.

  2. Barbara, I am glad you are going home and are OK. I will be praying for the Lord to give your drs. wisdom in how to treat and monitor this. Blessings to you and Jim today. May the Lord wrap you both in His peace and confidence that He is with you.

  3. Barbara, I’m very sorry you had such a long episode but very grateful for your recovery. I’ll pray the meds will keep your heart rate under control.

    • Thank you, Becka. I had surgery for this a few years ago, so I am frustrated to be having trouble with it again. They say some people need a second ablation, but I sure hope it doesn’t come to that.

  4. So, so happy you are home, Barbara!!! Especially glad they got your heart to cooperate!!
    I’m just getting ready to get a defibrillator put on for the same reason!!
    Please take good care of yourself, dear one!
    Hugs and love!

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  6. my brother in law has had this same thing!! (my sister Hope’s husband). It’s scary. I’m thankful to the Lord that you are going home (you’re probably home by now as I”m reading this Monday after teaching all day…..i’m kind of behind on blogs cause the last weekend of summer was so glorious up here in NY!!!). I wil continue to pray for you. Do you mind if i put your name through to my Book Group (Bible study type group that I lead starting Wed!!).

    • I don’t mind at all. I’m waiting now on follow-up dr. appointments to see what to do next. I had surgery for this a few years ago. They say some people need a second surgery, but I sure hope it doesn’t come to that.

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