Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Welcome to the first Friday’s Fave Fives for February! It’s been a cold, rainy month with a dusting of snow. But every day displays a little more light! Here are some highlights of this week:

1. Jesse’s 10,000th day. My older sons figured out that my youngest’s 10,000th day was coming up. They suggested we all pitch in to get him 10,000 pennies and have a little surprise get-together to commemorate the occasion. Jason and Mittu invited us for dinner, and we were able to keep the purpose a secret from Jesse.

It was fun to hear Jason tell of the reactions he got at the bank when he asked for so many pennies. He had to go to three different ones. I had no idea they put pennies into $25 bricks like this.

This is Jesse’s “I can’t believe you gave me 10,000 pennies” look.

Mittu made a wonderful dinner of tilapia. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before, or if I did, it was in a pre-flavored frozen brick and not very good. But this was great!

2. Lemon Blueberry Cake. She also made a lemon blueberry cake–a couple of Jesse’s favorite flavors. I thought I’d take a polite very small piece, because I have never had anything with that combination that I liked. But this was so good!

The boys and that gorgeous cake

3. Drawful. This is a favorite game, and the boys figured out a way to use FaceTime and Zoom so we could play it with Jeremy. And I won! 🙂

4. A five-year journal. I saw this line-a-day idea at Lisa’s and liked it so much that I ordered one. I have not kept a journal for years beyond what I record here. But I love the thought of just jotting down a line or thought from the day. I just got it, so I have not started on it yet. But I am looking forward to it.

5. Good timing. I was literally just about to leave for the grocery store when my husband brought the mail in, including a coupon for 5% off my entire order at the very store I was going to. And I had a sizable order.

What’s something good from your week?

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Yay for coupon timing! Blueberry lemon is a great combination — it’s quite nice in scones too, just in case you run into any 😉

    What a fun way to celebrate Jesse. Your family togetherness is very heartwarming. Enjoy your new journal! Meanwhile, I have been gathering my old journals for the shred pile!

  2. Oh i just LOVE lemon and blueberry together. I”ve only had it like that in muffins (I’m not a cake eater) and the local bakery makes a sweet dessert bread with those flavors. You know what’s funny? I JUST came from that bakery with a couple of fun desserts for this weekend (we only do desserts on weekends) and as I sat down to read emails, and blogs, I made myself a cup of tea and cut a slice of the lemon bread I bought at that bakery!! Happy Birthday to your handsome son and I hope he enjoyed that gorgeous looking cake!!
    I’ve written in journals since i was a young girl but i’ve never heard of just one line ones. That’s so interesting!! I”m currently keeping a devotional journal (from my morning devotional time in the scriptures and the Bible app) and I also have a Book Group Journal. I also have a personal journal where I write down my thoughts every once in awhile….usually about every couple of months…just what’s happening in our church or family or prayer requests that affect us or our family members. I do love a hard copy journal besides blogging.

    Barbara I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I always love coming to your blog.

    How just like God to give you the blessing of a discount to the very store you were headed to?? SO awesome!

  3. Love #5:)! I had no idea that pennies are packaged that way! It looks kind of cool, actually. Such a great idea for Timothy. Your DIL’s cooking always sounds so good. I would LOVE to try a piece of that cake!

  4. What a fun party for your son! Love the idea of 10,000 pennies! Ha!
    A line a day for journaling sounds about right for me. I do keep prayer requests in a journal, and notes, but not a journal.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. I recently made a lemon blueberry low-carb cheesecake that Mike pronounced “the best yet.” 🙂 And I also made a blueberry lime jam with our abundance of blueberries this year. But I think your best FFF this week was that 5% coupon that arrived just as you left for the store!! Wonderful timing!!
    And congratulations to Jesse on his 10,000th day! –Ann

  6. How nice to celebrate 10,000 days! The cake looks delicious and yes electronics are definitely making it easier for us all to stay in touch. What a stroke of luck with your voucher! The one line diary sounds a good idea. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  7. I love blueberry lemon! Fun idea about the penny gift. Wouldn’t be able to do that in Canada anymore as they got rid of pennies here years ago. I’m not a journal person but that one sounds really neat. I can handle one line! Enjoy the weekend.

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