September Reflections

Another month is set to pass the baton to the next, without slowing down for the hand-off. We’re ending September in a flurry of activity, which I will have to tell you about later. But I like to take at least a few minutes to try to remember what filled the busy days.

September is a transition month. We’re finally starting to have cooler temperatures. The leaves have begun their yearly changes.

We had big family get-togethers on Labor Day and Jesse’s birthday. And we had several “ordinary” times, too, which were just as fun. We missed the planned time together for Grandparent’s Day: people at our church and Jason’s company tested positive for COVID that week, and just to be safe, we figured we should isolate for a while. But Jason and Mittu dropped off a delicious meal and some sweet gifts.


I just made one card this month, for Jesse’s birthday. His work and leisure time is mostly spent on the computer, so this seemed appropriate:

The computer was made with the Cricut, but would be pretty easy to make freehand. I found a computer font online (I think it may have been this one) and used it to make the “Birthday wishes” screen.


Jim and I finished The Mandalorian series. So good! I’m not all that into Star Wars, so I am sure I missed some of the references and connections. But I loved this series.

We also enjoyed Enola Holmes, about the fictitious younger sister of Sherlock Holmes.


Since last time I have finished:

I’m currently reading:

  • Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund
  • Be Strong (Joshua): Putting God’s Power to Work in Your Life by Warren W. Wiersbe
  • Only Glory Awaits: The Story of Anne Askew, Reformation Martyr by Leslie S. Nuernberg
  • Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson


Besides book reviews, Friday Fave Fives, and Laudable Linkage, I had these posts on the blog this month:

  • Focus Determines Direction. If I look away from the road, I end up drifting the direction I’m gazing. To follow Christ and keep from drifting, I need to keep my eyes on Him.
  • Kindness. We’re not exempted from showing kindness to those who irritate us or disagree with us.
  • You Don’t Have to Write Devotionals. Writing “lessons” is a fine thing to do, if God so leads. But that’s not the only way to share spiritual truth.
  • Pressure. How can small, delicate deep-sea creatures withstand pressure that crushes submarines? And can we learn anything from them?

Looking ahead, one of my favorite things about October is that there’s nothing “big” during the month. I have my yearly physical at the beginning, and we’ll have a costume party with Timothy at the end (in lieu of trick-or-treating at the mall). But there are no immediate family birthdays or holidays that month, which makes it a nice resting place between our “birthday season” and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How was your September? What are you looking forward to in October?

(I often link up with some of these bloggers.)

12 thoughts on “September Reflections

  1. I know what you mean about appreciating quieter months. Now that the girls have all graduated, October has gone from crazy (marching band) to pretty quiet. It’s nice! My adult piano student gave me a pack of stickers lately with a Mandalorian theme — she thought the kids would like them. They do! I’ve not seen that or any of the Star Wars movies either; I’m glad you enjoyed them. Love the computer card!

  2. Barbara I so enjoy your monthly reflections! I feel like we are chatting over coffee. I love the way September is a transition month where I live too, looking forward to some autumn relaxation!

  3. I love September and OCtober because here in NYS it is just PERFECT weather typically (in my opinion…..i love the 60s and 70s and the crisp cool nights and the hikes I do in the mountains because NO BUGS in Sept and Oct!!).

    I love reading about Timothy and will look forward to pics of his costume party.

    My husband and I watched Enola Holmes and just loved it. You did a lot of reading in September!


  4. Congratulations, I wish to let you know that your post will be mentioned on the new Linky this upcoming Monday, October 11th as being on the podium for last week. Thanks for your loyal support and participation

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