Radio Interview Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, July 12), I’m scheduled for an interview with Kurt and Kate Mornings on Moody Radio Florida at 8:10 a.m. EDT. They’re the folks who interviewed me a couple of times before. They want to discuss my post on What to Do with Regret.

The top of their program page has a “Click to Listen Live” button. I’d love to invite you to tune in if you’re able and interested.

Most of all, I’d appreciate your prayers that all would go well: that the technology would work well with no glitches, that there won’t be any health issues, that God would give me what He wants me to say and help me not to blank out, and that He would be glorified and listeners would be ministered to.

Updated to add: Here’s a link to the interview, recorded by my oldest son. There was some kind of audio problem at the beginning where they couldn’t hear me, and they had me in Nashville instead of Knoxville. 🙂 But I am thankful things started working and the interview could continue.

8 thoughts on “Radio Interview Tomorrow

  1. Woo hoo — one of their favorite bloggers of all time!! You have a very calm, soothing voice and I enjoyed listening. Thanks for posting the link. Continued prayers as the Lord uses you in this way to reach more people.

    • Thank you for saying that. As I listened back, I caught all the “ums” and “you knows” that I was totally unaware of at the time. Ack! Plus I felt I spoke somewhat haltingly–the host gave me a couple of questions I had to think about while trying to answer. But I hope the Lord was able to use it all in some way.

  2. Thank you for sharing the link. We had a helter skelter morning here on Tuesday and I didn’t get a chance to listen to the interview at the time, but I just finished listening to it via your link. It was lovely to hear your voice and to partake of the godly wisdom you imparted.

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