July Reflections

This July has been one of the stormiest months I can remember. Our days seemed to oscillate between over-100 degree heat indexes or storms. I took this picture of the sky right after a storm early in the month.

I didn’t quite capture the beauty I wanted to. But I love the light at the edge of the cloud, which shows more brightly on my phone than it does here. I thought it was a poignant symbolic reminder that storms may seem to come between us and God, but He is always there.

In-between the heat and storms, we had fun celebrating the birthday of our country plus the birthday of my middle son a couple of weeks later.

I mentioned this a few times already this month, but in case you missed it, I had an interview with Kurt and Kate Mornings on Moody Radio Florida to talk about my blog post on regret. Hereโ€™s a link to the interview. I started out with some technical glitches, but thankfully everything worked out.

I mentioned on my last Friday’s Fave Five that my husband had discovered this weird but fascinating creature on our patio. It looked like a cross between a bee, a hummingbird, and a moth. My son looked it up, and it’s a hummingbird moth, also sometimes called a hawk moth. Jim took a video, but I can’t upload videos directly unless I invest in the next tier of paid WordPress blogs. But I did manage to capture this photo from the video.


My daughter-in-law texted me that she asked my grandson, Timothy, where he got his cuteness. He answered, “Mommy.” She said, “Annnd?” meaning, I think, and Daddy. But Timothy said, “And Grandma.” I’m honored to be considered a contributor to his cuteness. ๐Ÿ™‚

One night we were playing Uno at our house. Timothy noted that our Uno cards looked different from his. I explained that ours were an older set. Someone else said, “These are classic Uno cards.” Timothy said, “That’s what classic means”–older. ๐Ÿ™‚


This card was for a couple in our church celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary:

The birds, branches, and leaves were made with the Cricut.

This was for Jason’s birthday:

I had an interesting time with this one. I try to incorporate something of the recipient’s interests when I can instead of just making a generic card. All I could think of for Jason is that he liked his family, the Mandalorian, and electric cars (and coffee, but I’ve used that motif in cards several times before). I looked up electric cars in the Cricut image data base, but they didn’t have much of a selection. This one was originally part of a design that had several tiny pieces that I was growing frustrated trying to piece together, then gave up. I tried a couple of other ideas that were ok, but I wasn’t thrilled with. I picked up a scrap that had this part cut out–this was the paper left after I took out the designed part–and I decided I liked it as it was. So I cut it out again and placed it in a better and then cut out the bolt after seeing that incorporated in another design.

This is for a great nephew’s wedding coming up this weekend. I meshed together a couple of ideas I had seen on Pinterest.

The embossing was done with the Cuttlebug. I printed out the “Mr. and Mrs.” on the computer and colored the edges by tapping a foam brush on a silver ink pad and brushing it against the edge of the cardstock.


I’ve thought about eliminating this category, but I enjoy when others share what they have watched. If you have any good, clean movie or series recommendations, let me know!

Jim likes WWII movies, so we’ve watched a few. One movie we really enjoyed was The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, based on the true story of a Polish social worker who worked with the Polish Underground Resistance and smuggled over 2,000 Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto and placed them with other families until the war was over.

We also watched a few old ones. I remember seeing The Great Escape when I was a kid, and it was interesting to watch it with adult eyes now. The Bridge on the River Kwai was good until its very frustrating ending. The Eagle Has Landed was a bit of a disappointment. If I had known it was fictional, based on a novel about German paratroopers trying to kidnap Churchill, I probably would not have watched it. It also had a bit of language, which is not usually a problem with older films. With all of these, it was kind of fun to see actors in their younger days that I had only seen when they were older.


I’ve enjoyed several good books this month. Since last time I have finished (linked to my reviews):

I’m currently reading:

  • Where I End: A Story of Tragedy, Truth, and Rebellious Hope by Katherine Elizabeth Clark
  • The Stranger by Melanie Dobson
  • O Love That Will Not Let Me Go: Facing Death with Courageous Confidence in God compiled by Nancy Guthrie (not that any of us is facing imminent death, as far as we know. But I saw several quotes from this in Aging With Grace and loved Nancy’s other compilations).
  • Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle by the Countess of Carnarvon


Besides the regular Friday Fave Fives, Saturday Laudable Linkage, and book reviews, Iโ€™ve posted these since last time:

We have a lot to look forward to in August, which my oldest son’s birthday and visit and my birthday.

How was your July?

16 thoughts on “July Reflections

  1. I always enjoy seeing your cards! So sweet and I’m sure each one is treasured. My library as “Lady Almina” as an ebook and just checked it out. I’ve always been fascinated with Highclere Castle. We have had a stormy month here. The photo after the storm is amazing.

  2. Barbara, your cards are always so thoughtfully done and these were no exception! Just lovely.

    And that Timothy! Oh, how sweet that he got some of his cuteness from Grandma! That must have melted your heart.

    Our July has mostly been filled with very hot and very humid days, but I’ve still been able to accomplish a few things. I dared to tackle the attic by myself and am almost finished with it…really sorting through and purging every thing! And I’ve also been working on enlarging one of my perennial flower beds. Another day and I will have that finished as well. And I’ve also been doing some canning.

    • Be careful in that hot attic. We want to clean ours out, too, as well as a shed. We don’t want our kids to have to do it. We keep saying we’re going to do it during the spring or fall so the weather isn’t too extreme, but I guess other things keep us busy at those times. It may be a project we put off til Jim’s retirement–then we don’t have to worry about getting it done in a weekend.

      • I only work for an hour or two at a time. It’s taking forever that way but I’m making progress. I’m doing it for the same reason you and Jim want to do yours. I told Carroll that if someone is going to throw things in the trash, I want it to be me. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Looks like a good month, and August sounds similarly auspicious! You know I always enjoy your cards. You did a great job making a card work for Jason, I think ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll enjoy your “Almina” review — I read what I think is the 2nd book in that historical series by the same author. Not sure why I didn’t start with the first? I enjoyed it a lot. Appreciated your movie rec’s too. My friend this morning, who rarely goes to movies, said she went to two great ones this week — the new Elvis movie and Where the Crawdads Sing. I am debating reading Crawdads before seeing it though …

    • Almina is mostly informational, some of it more interesting than the rest. But there are some fun stories in there, too. I haven’t decided about reading the next in the series yet–maybe after a break from finishing this one.

    • We enjoyed “discovering” the hummingbird moth. I wondered–when they “sip” out of the flower, is it then empty? Or does the flower continually reproduce what’s inside? Something to look up some time.

      Yes, the weather this month has been pretty intense. We’re experiencing another thunderstorm right now. I hope August will see fewer of them.

  4. Barb your reflections are so interesting! The photos are stunning, and who knew there was such a thing as a hummingbird moth??!! Your cards are always lovely and creative and I look forward to your reading and watching lists!

  5. I love your photo of the sky, Barbara. It beautifully pictures God’s omnipresence. I’m reminded about how I need to get back to making homemade cards but sometimes life gets way too busy. I’m trying to say “no” to more things.

  6. Love your photo after the storm. Oh, I love when you share Timothyisms, he makes me chuckle. It’s sweet to hear he gets his cuteness from his mom and you. I love your cards, so pretty.
    Thank you again for linking up with Sweet Tea & Friends this month.

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